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Thread: Wet Streamers

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    Hey, I was wondering... What do you guys do with your wet (read used) streamers, like buggers/clousers/deceivers etc, after you remove them from your tippet/leader? Do you put them back in the box with the dry streamers, or use a drying patch, or do you have a separate receptacle for them and plan to dry them later, or something else?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Wet Streamers

    IMO, it's never a good idea to place a wet fly in a fly box with other flies. That's a good way to get rusty hooks. I usually stick them in my hat, ( debarbed hooks of course) or if fishing from a watercraft I have a foam block I stick them in to dry. A drying patch is a good idea too.

    You can quick dry them with silica powder, which is or at least used to be sold for drying dry flies. It's simply a finer form of silica gel desiccants, which is used to keep moisture away from a lot of things. If the fly is too large to fit in the container that the powder comes in, then a larger container would be needed.

    I save those small bags of silica gel when I get them & keep several in fly boxes & boxes of hooks to help prevent rusting.
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    Directly after use I hook em on a foam patch usually on my wading jacket or on the outside of a chest pack. I don't even put them back in the foam on a work bench.

    Patch then comes off velcro and sits in garage to air dry. Pluck and fluff and then back into box.

    Besides, I like to see what flies I tried throughout the day.
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    Default Re: Wet Streamers

    Always the odd one of the lot, I put them back wherever I got them. I use a wool fleece wallet for feather wings and aluminum clip boxes for salmon flies. I've never had a rust problem with large hooks but a damp or wet dry fly box filled with fine wire hooks will cause heartbreak.


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    Default Re: Wet Streamers

    For my saltwater streamers I have a separate, perforated plastic, Plano type box for the wet ones. Those need to get the salt rinsed out so they need to be separated anyway.

    My trout streamers go on my vest patch, and if they're still wet at the end of the day, they they get transferred to the patch Velcro-ed to the dashboard of the truck

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    Default Re: Wet Streamers

    So this explains why my hooks get all rusty.......

    Well played oxidation.....

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    I lose to many to ever worry about drying. The one i don't lose is given to a friend or hung in van somewhere. You should see the paneling in there at the end of the fishing season....
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    I put them on my fly patch, so normally by the time I'm home they are pretty much dry and ready to go back in the box. Truth be told they tend to stay on the patch until my next trip

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    I had the same problem until I got a bunch of extra ear piercings. Now I just wear all my flies until they dry out. I wish I could stop forgetting to de-barb them though.....

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    I use the Cliff Head Liner. It fits right onto the visor of your vehicle. Works and looks great.

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