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  1. Default 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    Hi all. New to the forum and looking for an answer to what is probably an easy question to answer.

    A little background of my setup: Echo Carbon 6'6'' 3wt. w/ Redington Drift 2/3

    Can I use a DT2F fly line on my 3wt. fly rod? Yeah, I know...This is probably a no-brainer!

    Thanks for your answers

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    Default Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    Hi, I would see how it casts.... if thats the line you have, otherwise I would use a 3wt line , WF is my preference , I have no experience with the Rod you have but underlining it may tone the Rod down . but using a small Rod only means short casting so ... the best I can say is try it , I think that a 3wt line would be best .

    Anyway Welcome to the Forum ...
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    Default Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    Rods can cast different sizes of line -- and your casting style, distance, etc. can dictate a line 1 up or down from the marked sizes.

    So sure -- I'd try it and see. You might like it.

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    Default Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    As said depending on your casting stroke and the rod action it is possible.
    I have a 3wt glass rod (Lamiglas blank) that does best with a dt2f and I can also cast a wf3f or a wf1f on that rod.

  5. Default Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    I've been eyeing that Carbon 6'6". What a nice rod! My buddy has it and it's sweet.

    It's possible to underline rods, I do it frequently on my softer action (aka glass rods). For the Carbon, I don't know how well it'd throw 2DT...maybe a 2WF but I think it'd perform better with a 3wt line.

    Just my conjecture...but if you've got the line and the rod, give it a shot before you buy new gear (says the guy who's reel collection grows every week)

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    Arrow Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    I always prefer to either use the same wt line as the rod or overweight it sometimes, especially with stiffer rods.

    Granted, I've never cast the stubby 6'6" rod you're looking at! Plus our casting styles and rhythms are likely different. So basically, who knows. Have a shop let you try it out! That'll solve it.

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    Default Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    Of course you can. It will change how the rod loads and casts, but I commonly over-line and under-line rods from 3 wts. up to 8 wts. depending on the type/size of flies I'm fishing, and the water I'm fishing. Most of the changes are very slight, and many anglers wouldn't even notice. As most are saying, try it out. If it feels too "stiff" or isn't loading enough for you, line up.

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    Default Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    I am thinking along The Same Lines as mista_bob,I would rather overline than underline especially if I bought a Line Specifically for The Rod & it didn't perform whereas I would be certain The next size Line would .

  9. Default Re: 2wt line on a 3wt rod?

    Thanks, everyone, for your answers.

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