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recriger 02-22-2013 07:52 AM

Surf fishing near Destin Florida
Morning gents
The family and I are going on a trip this summer to Florida. I'm still new to the hobby to begin with, but would love to hit the water when we are down there.

1 problem:

I have no idea what to do... and am looking for advise.

I did try surf fishing back around 1997-98 when I was stationed in Cecil Field. It was on the Atlantic side with a spin cast set-up. It was not the best experience with rough water and no knowledge then either. This trip will be the gulf coast with a year of fishing on the rivers(most likely a different animal).

I know some of you guys saltwater fly fish, so it is possible. But I have too many questions. **Are there any books that you would suggest on the subject?** A few of the answeres I am looking for as an example:

It is a 1 week trip so I'm not sure I can justify any new equipment (rods-reels...). Is a 5wt or my 9 wt capable of surf fishing if I tie the right flies?

Is the main equipment difference just the materials used in production to avoid things like corrosion? or is there a size and power requirement that go more towards the Spey type rods?

If my current rods won't work is there any such thing as a rod and reel "rental"?

Just for feasibility- If my current skill level allows for a "reliable" cast in the 30-40 feet range (hitting a 3' ring), is it even worth looking any firther into it for this trip, or is that enough distance in the gulf to get past the break with a little wading (I do, also, have a few months to practice)? I suppose that depends on further study telling me that the break either is or isn't where I want to drop my fly when looking for feeding fish.

I am starting my own research, but I figured I had to start somewhere. The experience floating around this sight is very attractive for someone looking for answers and possibly a shove in the proper direction.

Thanks guys.

Rip Tide 02-22-2013 08:06 AM

Re: Surf fishing near Destin Florida
The only requirement is that you have fun, and If I could cast "30-40 yards"... I'd have fun every day!

No seriously, your 9wt is fine and as Lou Tabory says "When the wind is in your face, the fish at at your feet" (which means that you don't necessarily need to cast all that far ;))

recriger 02-22-2013 08:46 AM

Re: Surf fishing near Destin Florida
I didn't even think about that when I typed it.. "30-40 yards". So much for modesty:D After you quoted it I realized that I meant to use the word "feet"(that's what I get for typing first thing in the morning). I can generally hit a 3' ring fairly reliably at 30-40 feet with low to moderate wind. I may false cast a few times... but I can generally make it to the ring.

ditz 02-22-2013 10:30 AM

Re: Surf fishing near Destin Florida
If you get a rare windless day the 5wt will probably work but don't count on it. The 9wt will work fine. Be on the beach just before day break and cast right up against the beach. I have fished just west of there at Navarre. I did catch some lady fish and they were a lot of fun. I had my best luck on a Schminnow. White Marabou tail and a pearl estaz body with medium beadchain eyes on a 6 to 1 hook. A surf candy would work just as well I am sure. The fish quit about an hour after sunup but that is also when the swimmers came out. There is miles of unused beach just west of Navarre beach that should be good but I never got there but I will next time. I understand that there are some snook and reds in the surf too. I would also like to try for some pompano. Have fun.

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