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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Level taper fly lines?

    Does anyone make level fly lines anymore? Nearly everyone disparages them, but I'd be willing to bet that I could put one on and cast and catch fish just fine. I'm kind of interested to try one for roll casting and stuff.


    BTW - I did a search on here and only got ebay listings of that super cheap crystal river line.

  2. Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    The only time i have seen or fished one was on a shakespear rod and reel combo take a unique flick to get it to carry power but it deffinately wasnt the horror story i hear i mean i self taught with it and it was very cheep line ... havent seen it in awhile tho sry maybe its a new lead though

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    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    Fished with level lines in the 80's and 90's because I couldn't get my hands on anything better. Not too bad, you can get used to them. But not very good either; I'll just stick to DT's, unless I have to cast longer distances (and even then, I'll try to wade closer first).

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    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    I had one yrs ago, maybe made by Cortland??? It worked. I wouldn't bother with one, but whatever floats your boat.

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    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    They cast fine. The problem is that without a taper in the front, they make for an awkward landing.
    I saw some for sale somewhere just this week..... people use them for running line behind shooting heads.
    If you're just looking for cheap lines, shoot me a PM and I'll link you up with a shop that sells factory seconds for 10 bucks
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    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    I bought one attached to a Ca. 1960's Pflueger knock off. I haven't used it - I took it off the reel and put WF on it. I haven't tried the reel yet either as my trips have been more pared down trying to keep the gear as light as possible packing gear in or bicycling type trips. When I next go car camping I am itching to try the reel!
    here is the thread
    You can see a little bit of the line through a hole in the reel in the one pic that remains on the post. Below is another shot. Pretty cool looking 60's era plastic coated nylon or silk or whatever. I was told this line casts like (beep!) so it is just sitting on a plastic spool. Too bad you're on the other coast so far away, I'd let you borrow it to check it out. Maybe a trade?
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    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    I have a few older level lines that I spliced lead core trolling line to. Great for saltwater bottom species as the FL line keeps the lead core line just off the bottom! The lead core also acts as a shooting head casts like a rocket!
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    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    The other half of the Rainy River Fly Fishing Club, Bill, did. He got one of the ones they sell for rattle reels in ice houses. It actually cast pretty well for out on the grass. I got one for running line and put a T-17 head on it, which is also level. Both Bill's and mine sink. You can find uses for them but they would be a special purpose thing. I nealy all situations I would not use one. There's a reason all these fly companies spend a ton of money researching tapers.

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    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    they are really good for small stream lines. they lay out nicely.
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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: Level taper fly lines?

    Yeah, I totally get that there's a reason folks have moved to tapered lines. I can see the taper on the front end being useful for making the presentation more gentle.

    For panfish/bass though, I could see the level line working just fine, plus having the benefit of cheap cost and good roll casting. I already a long level leader for all my fishing (including trout) and was just curious about it .

    Thank you!

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