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    Default Re: Oklahoma-OntheFlyGal-New to Fly Fishing

    Welcome. There are so many patterns for various situations. By all means soak up all the good advice.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry too much about flies. Remember Tenkara style fly fishing only uses about 4 patterns with great success. Think positively and focus on presentation and patience.

    I think if you focus on a few themes. For instance Color is a good place to start. Be sure to have patterns throughout the color spectrum or at least the lights to darks, earth tones and bright flashy. Get a few patterns in dries, wets, brass head nymphs, and streamers. Be sure to ask for advice at local shops or anywhere you come in contact with fishermen or women.

    Good luck.

    Also I really find smaller rivers or large streams with deep holes, to be rewarding and fun. The fish are smaller but may be more forgiving to your patterns and presentations. Sometimes the bigger deeper waters with limited visibility can be frustrating and hot and cold.
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    Default Re: Oklahoma-OntheFlyGal-New to Fly Fishing

    Welcome. This is a great forum with a huge amount of information to absorb. Lots of fly anglers here with a ton of experience and always will to share. If you dream of Steelhead already, you need to start planning a trip out west. Lots of fly anglers come out here for a Steelhead trip and never go back home....

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    Default Re: Oklahoma-OntheFlyGal-New to Fly Fishing

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    I have never taken valium

    So Dan.... you don't tie and/ or fish While on valium? The valium is the best part of fly fishing for me.

    To get back on track- Welcome careyrn! As for your planned trips-- I second the option of hiring a guide for the day.

    Another good thing to do (and I am surprised that nobody has suggested this) is to hit a local fly shop (or two) in the area once you arrive and talk with them about patterns that are working and then buy a dozen or two. You will get local insider info on whats working (flies, gear, technique, etc.) and you will be supporting the local economy and the fly industry.

    Flies won't put a ton of money into the shops coffers, so I also like to buy a 'souvenir' or two--(It doesn't have to be a high dollar new rod-- I always look at a shirt, hat, new line, that net that you'd been considering, etc.)

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    Default Re: Oklahoma-OntheFlyGal-New to Fly Fishing

    That advice to hit the local flyshop was stellar. Google something like "top ten flies"

    Always a good move: some flies flat out work all over the place and across multiple species. They look like critters that show up in most streams and lakes. for instance:

    Hare's ear nymphs, pheasant tail nymphs, prince nymphs--trout and bluegills love 'em.

    Wooly buggers
    Brown: good for crayfish imitation
    black: great to suggest a leech or hellgrammites
    olive: suggests a damsel fly nymph
    white--suggests minnows
    wooly worms--as above but without a tail. They can look like bugs or baitfish.

    Dry flies
    Adams--your basic mayfly.
    Grasshoppers--bigger ones are good for bass
    Ant patterns

    San Juan worms are another that show up everywhere

    For all of the exotic flies out there, a box full of these and you can rule the world.

    And last but not least: WELCOME ABOARD!

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    Default Re: Oklahoma-OntheFlyGal-New to Fly Fishing

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    Default Re: Oklahoma-OntheFlyGal-New to Fly Fishing

    Hi Careyn - Nice to see other Okies on this site. You will really enjoy fly fishing, it's the only fishing I do anymore. Not many places to go in Oklahoma, as mentioned the Lower Mountain Fork is very nice. Also, close to you is lake Pawhuska. Its stocked with rainbows through the winter. I use a float tube to get out in deeper water. I was in Pagosa Springs once, I think the Rio Grand runs through the town. Drive out toward Wolf Creek pass, there's good places to fish along the river. As for fly patterns for CO, I mostly fish NE New Mexico around Cimarron and Valle Vidal, but I might suggest a few nymph patterns. Copper Johns, Hares ear, Pheasant tail, BWO's, Prince all work well. Good luck and enjoy. Glen

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    Nope, that's the San Juan

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