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Thread: Quick Survey

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    I've used the double magnet kind on my Jeep for years. Two basic choices out there (that I know of): Magnet based and suction cups. With the Mag ones you need an all steel hood and roof. If either is Alum, what-ever, you're stuck with the suction cup type.

    Jeep is solid steel and the double mag kind grip is excellent. The other thing is how fast can you drive? Even with spey rods you can go 70 mph if you wanted. Reason for this is the angle of the rods is so 'shallow' there's almost zero wind resistance. Only place you really need to pay attention is coming up behind a "18 wheeler.' Those things push around a lot of air and that will really wiggle the rod tips around. Hold back or step on the gas and get by him.

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    A big thank you to everyone who took this survey, really helps nail down what I should be working on next. I'll leave the survey open for anyone else kind enough to take it, the more responses the better, but the response I got to this was great.

    Thank you all a lot,

    "Don't burn the day away" - Dave Matthews Band

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    done....good luck

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    I filled out the survery, but drive a convertible now. In fact, I had the top down this afternoon, and drove from a stream to a lake with my 9' 5wt sticking out. I meant to get a picture of that.... Next time!

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