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Thread: Fishing foot. Siberia.Kamchatka.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    I'd rather have them kicked in than out.
    It's just my feeling that the guide in question is in the wrong business.

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    Default Re: Fishing foot. Siberia.Kamchatka.

    Quote Originally Posted by vladimirr View Post
    Gentlemen! Bear claws pierces the body of fish and wildlife bites off his head, we look and say, well done! Predator eats one another - this is food. One big country killing thousands of people in the other - it's like? In this video, there is nothing to worry about. Two guys caught fish for dinner? What's this? When the fish is hooked you think it good? Excuse me, I did not want to touch your feelings, but think about what I said.

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    In the future, I promise to do only good movies

    Not quite the point of the comments Vladimirr.

    Wolves and bears kill fish because their lives depend upon it. It is instinctual survival behavior. That isnt the case with us humans.

    Everyone is on this forum because we are fly fishermen and we all try to show some respect the fish we chase while engaging in our art. There is also nothing wrong with taking fish to keep as long as it is legal. Maybe the fisherman in the video just forgot himself in the moment and was excited, maybe it is a East/West thing.

    Regardless we all like to see the locations shown in your videos since they are places most of us will never be able to visit. We would just like to see the respect and ethics that we all as a community share depicted in your videos.


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