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Thread: Wolly Buggers?

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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    I have the most success fishing buggers in warmwater situations, but many trout fishermen swear by them. Fishing brown and black buggers for bass finally broke me of my topwater habit when fishing for LMB. I used to only fish poppers and foam for bass, still do but not all the time.

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    Alot of guys in Erie use buggers to catch the stocked steelhead. Nothing gaudy catches those fish so a simple bugger does the trick. I'm not sure how it works on the natives in the West.

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    I love all wooly buggers as long as its a size ten in olive
    I fishing them ALOT for trout and I will fish them as fast as I can, the browns where I'm at destroy them. I fish all kinds of water with them fast and slow, its my most productive fly and if you give it time I dont think you can fish it wrong.

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    We also Fish Buggers mainly in Stillwater over here colours I Like are Dark Green with Chartreuse or Green Luminous Twinkle Black with Black a Cactus Chenille Body & any of The Crystal Buggers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bugslinger View Post
    It should be everyones must have fly. Two sizes in black,rust/brown,olive and white and you will catch just about everything on them....
    Woah, white? Or do you mean black and white, olive and white, etc?
    Never tried a solid-white bugger, but I've seen them. Anybody tried them for trout?

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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    Love 'em.

    But not the traditional bugger pattern. I've stopped using saddle hackle to palmer the body -- just too many bass and sunfish tear them up too quickly....even with wire ribs.

    Now I just do what this guy does, and honestly the rubber legs improve the fly so much that I almost never fish 'em without it anymore:

    [ame=]Fly tying Woolly Bugger Bob Wyatt ties a rubber legs Woolly Bugger - YouTube[/ame]

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    I don't often fish buggers but when I do it's these fox fur buggers that I crank out. They are made entirely of arctic fox and have an action that seems to draw fishes attention. Rust, black and white are the colors of choice.

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    Buggers are the way to go in my area. The bass always seem to hit them harder than any other fly I sling. The Browns in the MAD river absolutely destroy black or brown gold bead heads.

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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    I've used black and brown buggers (as above).
    But, to clarify my previous post, I've never tried white. My experience with white-plastic worms, white jigs, and whitish nymphs was unsuccessful generally. Now I'm tempted, but want to hear from success stories first.
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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    Okay. I'll play.

    Bird's Nest
    Anderson's Bird of Prey
    Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Nymph
    Pheasant Tail
    AP Nymph
    Prince Nymph
    Jimmy Legs Stonefly
    Mercer's Micro May
    Burk's Hunchback Infrequens

    Dry Flies
    Elk Hair Caddis
    EC Caddis
    Parachute Adams
    Basic mayfly profile - BWO, Hendrickson, Light Cahill, March Brown
    Comparidun profile - BWO, PMD
    Mayfly Cripple - Callibaetis, Sulfur
    Klinkhammer - BWO, PMD
    Fat Albert
    Wier's Whopper

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