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Thread: Wolly Buggers?

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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    The wooly bugger is my go-to fly for almost everything. It can catch anything from sunfish to brookkies to pike.

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    But what about the effectiveness generally, of a coloring like Reddish/ Brownish for the body?

    Does anyone tie a bright red I wonder?

    Do most prefer something like a Grizzly Saddle Hackle for the Wooly Worm/Wooly Bugger or Brown Hackle or Black Hackle?

    I'm assuming of course, that few use White Hackle on anything but a White Body.

    I am getting ready to tie a few of these, so that's why I am asking.

    Also, do most tie them unweighted, lightly weighted (say.. 8 to 12 turns of lead wire etc.) or heavily weighted
    (20 turns or more).

    Also, what are the most common hook sizes for them, and what are the extremes of size?

    Does anyone tie a worm/bugger as small as 14? Does anyone tie them as large as a 4 or 2? .

    Thanks for your input.

    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    I use them all the time. When fishing new creeks for the first time, go to pattern is either a white with flash in the tail or my olive variant. I also have some tied to mimich some very productive rubber currly tail grubs from my spin fishing days. My favorite combos are the following:

    White tail with pearl flash, white body with grizzly hackle
    olive tail, green flash, olive sparkle chenille, grizzly hackle, ORANGE thread
    red tail with red flash, black hackle and this black/grey/blue crystal chenille

    I have them in other colors, but those are my go-to's.
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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    Brucer, I've tied them in rusty brown shades. Danville Chenille has a couple of chenille colors that would fit that description, and I've used rusty/ red-brown dubbing. They're not colors I would use a lot, but they can be good sometimes.

    Red is not a color I use much, but do like a dark red bugger sometimes. There is a fly from New Zealand I saw in a magazine article, that resembles the Woolly Bugger. I believe it was called the Fuzzy Wuzzy, but not sure. It was tied in segments, alternate sections of red chenille & black hackle, with a tail of hair. I don't recall the hair that was used, but I've tied a version using dyed black fox tail, and a version using black ostrich herl in the tail. Bass seem to like it.

    White buggers are always good to have in a fly box & I've experimented with all kinds of hackle & body color combinations. You can get a crazy as you like, but frankly basic colors still produce he best for me. As far as white hackle, I like it with black & pink bodies with white tails, and of course all white. These combinations work well for bass & panfish. Don't how they would be for trout, never tried it.

    I'll add any type of weight to buggers, lead wire, beads, cones, bead chain & barbell eyes. All work.

    I rarely tie anything smaller than a size 8 but you could certainly tie them smaller. I have tied them as large as a 2/0. There really is no limit if you can find the materials to match the hook sizes. Size 2 & 4 are probably the hook sizes I use most since I primarily am a bass angler. I've tied them in white & chartreuse & white on size 2/0 saltwater hooks with Striped Bass in mind too. Tied with ostrich herl in the tails, they can be quite long!
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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    I use red as an 'attractor' color. for example, red head, white tail or vice versa. Red and black is another good combo.

    White hackle is actually a pretty good idea. A dark brown or rust chenille with white hackle looks pretty 'buggy.'

    Assuming you are tying these buggers, I'd say tie some experimental flies and fish them a few times. You just never know what might be effective until you get them wet.

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    My favorite color is olive, but they work in just about any color you can think of.

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    Default Re: Wolly Buggers?

    Anyone who I fish knows that if nothing is working in the worst conditions I can manage to get a strike on a bugger. Even though this fly may have alot to do with confidence as it was the first fly I ever tied when i was about 11 years old and the very fly i used to land my first trout on a fly rod, it has a much greater significance in the history of fly fishing . Many competitions where you must choose a single fly per heat the bugger I tie has been selected. Many other competitors may frown upon it or talk of it as a "junk fly" but the pros know how such a fly can imitate such a diverse amount aquatic species. My pattern which I will live and die by is:

    - Hook: A 4X Long Streamer hook with a round bend, a straight-eye & 1X-heavy. I use Daiichi DA1750.
    - Thread: Black 6/0
    - Body: Olive Chenille (ultra-standard)
    - Hackle: Black (Rooster Saddle), I tie in a "dirty" hackle only sparing the soft butt section making sure not to tie it in very thick and must leave it as is (no trimming) as i feel this allows a more fluid motion when submerged.
    - Tail: A Black, Blood Marabou, about 1.5x body length with a black, bear hair undertail about 1/3 the size of the marabou (adds a little support and the shine of the bear hair serves as an attractant).

    This pattern is not meant to be tied with a ruler and finished with trimmers and a magnified glass.

    The finished fly may not look so great to the human eye but I feel that sometimes is the key...

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