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Thread: Take care with Fishwest !!

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    Default Take care with Fishwest !!

    Hi guys , just an advice about Fishwest (UT)

    In february, I have order the Echo Ion 2 (new model) 10' 7 wt., from the Fishwest website.

    I receive my order (about 1 month ago), the rod was an Echo Ion BUT old model ($100 cheaper) I wrote to Fiswest support, and ask me for send back the rod (I have to pay the shipping cost, and they will make me a refund when the rod will arrive). I sent the rod on feb 25 th, and it seems, french USPS lost (??) the rod.

    I ask Fishwest to send me the new Echo Ion, and tell me: they don't have in stock !!!!! if you enter in the website, the Echo Ion (2) is available in all sizes. I found this very UNPROFESSIONAL, and be sure it was the last time I ordered at Fishwest.

    So guys Take care with them !!!

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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    Hey that sucks. You might want to call them back and let them know you will tell a fly forum that has 41,000 members, and that can't possibly be good for their business. I'd get all over UPS as well. They have a claims dept. you can get something done through.

    Just for the record, I hate UPS with a flaming passion. I got a package last summer they delivered. Have you ever seen the beginning of Ace Ventura Pet Detective? Well that's how my package they delivered looked like it had been treated.

    [ame=]Ace Ventura Smashes Package - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    I also had a problem with FishWest this past week.
    Ordered a reel through eBay and they notified me at closing time on Friday that the reel was on backorder, and when (and if) they did get the reel it would be shipped UPS ground (the slowest method possible). They accepted my PayPal payment and my money was tied up, though. With my money tied up and being unsure I could cancel the order and get a refund prevented me from ordering from another dealer until the matter was settled.
    Luckily they did cancel the order and refund payment, but it delayed my ordering from another shop until Monday.

    Ordered the reel from ReelFlyRod on Monday morning and I should have it tomorrow - that's service!

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    Default Take care with Fishwest !!

    Company's dont understand what good customer service can do. They may lose a little bit right at the moment but good customer service will draw other people to their site to make purchases which will make them more money. Now had they chalked it up and right when u told them they sent the wrong wrong if they would of overnight shipped u the correct rod and had you send the old one back once u got te correct rod then you would be posting how wonderful they are and people like me would be heading to their site to buy from them.

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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    I've bought several things from them off their deals on the fly webpage and never had any issues at all with them.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    Never good to hear bad service from a website... Especially one that I've ordered from a couple times with no issues

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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    Screw up aside, what really bugs me is that they made YOU pay for return shipping!

    This was their mistake, not yours; you should not have to cough up cash out of your pocket to cover their mistakes.
    Less likey, more green dots

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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    Hi Ben,

    I've ordered from them several times and haven't had one bad experience. I'm sorry to hear about yours. If you can, I'd suggest giving the folks at Fishwest a call and explain the situation. I had one incident where I needed to speak with someone and they were extremely helpful in getting my situation resolved.

    Ordering from the internet opens us all up to potential problems like this. They are easy to make. Resolutions to problems such as this one are what separates the great shops from the rest.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.
    ~*~Leave only your footprints~*~

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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    It seems strange to me that they didn't issue a "call" ticket for a UPS pickup at their cost. Their error, their cost!!!


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    Default Re: Take care with Fishwest !!

    Did you at least get your sweedish fish?
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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