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    Default Re: What would you do?

    In my best dry 'Eastwood' voice, and a slight move with a LIMP,without glancin' up,,,I've said this before.... 'I think I pulled a low back muscle on the last one.' (that is if they AREN'T bittin'.)

    If they ARE bitin'....(same voice) ' Do you know,,that if you watch you line long enough, hard enough,,and the wind doesn't move it,,you can actually SEE it deteriorating ?'

    If there is 'some' action,,and I'm feeling social,,,I'll talk a bit then ask if he's got tobacco or food,,,and maybe a Pepsi or coffee stashed out on his-self.

    That way,,IF the same fella runs into me again,,,he will say under his breath with a dry 'Eastwood' voice...'I think I'll move on up the creek.'

    I'v learned a hell'va lot from my fishing icon, Patrick McManus.
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    I try and be polite to everyone and anyone on the water. Wehre I fish in NM they're are normally a handful of people that I run into a day. I tell the truth and if they ask what I'm using I'll let them know. Also Where I fish you CAN use bait and spinning gear and I don't have an issue with it heck I've got fish with my fly rod and given it to some of them. I know sacrilege but its a stocked stream and if I put a smile on a persons face by giving them a single fish its worth it to me.

    PS its only the stocked Bows though I throw back ALL the browns...I love those fish

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    I always share the pattern I'm using and let them know where I've fished and where I'm headed. A sort of "pay it forward."

    I've only had one experience where a guy jumped into a run uninvited. As I was muttering under my breath, he said, "Eric?" and I said, "Doug?" He was a friend of mine (it was winter and we were layered up). He offered me the extra seat in his boat and we had an epic day (I gave him a rash for jumping into the run), including a 26" brown I caught from a run he hammered for 30 minutes beforehand. Karma.

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    Quote Originally Posted by comeonavs View Post
    Hell I'm weird, if I am catching fish ill show the guy what my setup is if he is friendly. I've even given guys flies out of my box if I'm really having a hot day on a fly they don't have.

    Someone did this for me once and he actually took the time to show me how to read a run better and spot fish. I guess I am a pay it forward kind of guy.
    I reckon I am another one of those weird, pay it forward type of fisherman.....just like my grandfather......

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    I have been on both sides of the fence on this one. When I started fishing it was with my dad flinging bait on small streams in Wyoming. When I later picked up Fly Fishing I thought all the flingers were just wrong and should't be scaring all the fish (not too worried about the catching). I remember an amazing 60+ fish day on a small stream where we ran into a couple of flingers and just said, "it has been a rough day for us hope you figure it out."

    I have now passed the sport on to my father in law, (who has a passion and hobby for life), brother (obsessed with fly fishing), father (who bought a raft and fishes 100+ days a year with my brother), and others who have found a hobby they love because of what we experienced together.

    That revelation has changed how I tolerate or welcome fishermen to my part of the river. Most of the time I am more than kind, I offer help, flies, and even the occasional etiquette lesson as needed. I have gone as far as asking a gentlemen if I could cut off his entire rig and start him over with a nice two fly indicator system I had been very successful with on this river. He caught a fish within a couple minutes of changing the setup and I am sure he is still fly fishing today. Sometimes you just need to pass it on to make the world a little better place.
    "Share your passion with others"

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    Excellent answers above; me I tell the truth. Never had anyone 'Low Hole' me with the information. Get lots inquiries of folks wanting to fish the Rogue River and I'll tell them close to what rock to stand on.

    I find no reason not to share information and I hope I'd be treated with the same respect.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: What would you do?

    Time to answer this;

    many times if I saw someone coming I would just step off the path and sit down so I didn't have to answer any questions. If I happened onto someone fishing 'my creek' I would stay hidden and watch to see if they knew what they were doing.

    When I ran into people on my way back to where I left my truck and they ask how I had done I usually said I had been skunked. Saying I was skunked was my way of doing the old '2 birds with one stone' thing. Bird #1 = No sense making some guy I never saw before think he was on his way to a honey hole. Bird #2 = It was a win win for the stranger, if he got skunked he didn't feel so bad because the guy he met on the trail had caught nothing as well. If he had a great day he felt really good because he had succeeded where the stranger he met on the trail had failed

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not a total butt head but I generally don't share sensitive intelligence with people I just met. After I know a fellow I'll offer help if it appears they need it or might appreciate it.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
    Ard's Forum blog, Alaska Outdoors

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