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Thread: Geofish: Mexico

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    Default Geofish: Mexico

    Ok, so I just finished watching this. All I can say is, wow! If you were thinking about buying this, do it. It has everything from large bucketmouths, robberies, bribery, unexplored lagoon tarpon, etc. It was really a good movie!

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    Default Re: Geofish: Mexico

    It is a great fly fishing adventure movie. Very entertaining. I love it when the marlin nearly leaps into the boat, bill first.

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    Default Geofish: Mexico

    The adventure if the whole film is worth the money, but then they throw in all the excellent fishing. The bass lake with all the weed growing on it, was just a fantastic spot.

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    Default Re: Geofish: Mexico

    Here is the trailer, it does look pretty interesting!
    [ame=]GEOFISH: Mexico - YouTube[/ame]

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    I bought their videos when they were AEG. It helped me get through knee surgery and Ice over. If GEO Fishing is half as good as the first couple then buy it, it will be money well spent. These four lads have the world by the nards. They remind me of me when I was young, and had a fire in my soul to catch bigger fish no matter what it took to get to them. Ther'e good fly fisheman and they are doing something most of us only can dream about. Ther'e smart, young extremely gifted,and know what they want out of life.

    There is nothing like Wild Trout ,Timber Rattlers and Cowboy coffee.

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    Its a killer video for sure, just wish I had the ambition and $$$

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    Default Geofish: Mexico

    I totally have the ambition, money is the main factor for me. I guess I'm just gonna have to win the lottery

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