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  1. Default Online shops that accept paypal?

    What online shops do you guys know of that accept paypal as a payment method?

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    Default Re: Online shops that accept paypal?

    I have purchased stuff from these folks:

    Wilderness Angler Home Page

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    Default Re: Online shops that accept paypal?

    Hi Frog,

    The very best choice is The Ebay Fly Shop. They give a 21day trial period for your gear, they accept just about any type of payment, including Pay Pal. They will also ship over seas. You can reach them at 800-811-8211. The Ebay Fly Shop is a main sponsor of NAFFF. If you like this WEB site please support our sponsors. The Ebay Fly Shop is associated with The Full Creel and The Forum Fly Shop.


  4. Default Re: Online shops that accept paypal?

    Thanks for the kind words Frank.


    The Full Creel
    The Forum Fly Shop
    The eBay Fly Shop

    all except PayPal

  5. Default Re: Online shops that accept paypal?

    hey its steve the guy I got the 3wt combo off of! ya steve and the full creel rocks! another one I have found from getting stuff off ebay is Wilderness Angler Home Page free shipping on anything. can't beat these 2 places. at wilderness the last 2 times I ordered using paypal it said couldn't go through but I just copied and pasted the order and sent it to him and within 5 min he sent me a email to the paypal page to pay. plus you get stuff within 2 to 4 days usually. on full creel I got a 3wt rod combo. fast shipping and cheap prices also. another place to try that accepts paypal is ebay. just search what ya need. sometimes ya can get a great deal.
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