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Thread: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

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    Default Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    I need a few opinions.

    I have finally narowed my list of 9 reels down to 1. I have ordered the Allen Kraken-4. We are taking a trip to Florida's gulf coast this summer and I decided to get a 9wt rig for the surf. Actually, it's not so much that I decided as it is that I finally convinced my wife to give that "oh, go ahead" motherly, much put-upon smile (she also happens to be an accountant both at work and at home).

    I also started with a list of 7 rods that I have narrowed down to 2. With consideration given to rod weight, price, guarantee and reviews; I have narrowed it down to Redington's Predator or Temple Fork's BVK, both in 9'-9wt. TFO calls their waranty Lifetime/no questions, Redington insinuates a lifetime/with qualifications type waranty. Perhaps that will be the deciding factor.

    The reason for the purchase is the surf fishing, but it will see many other uses after I get back to Ohio.

    So does anyone have an opinion or experience that could possibly sway me either way?

    Thanks all.

  2. Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    I own both rods, neither are a 9 weight so I don't know how much help this will be. My predator is a 9ft 8 wt, and the BVK a 9ft 6 wt. the predator rod takes a lot to load, I have a 330 grain rio outbound short, and a 9 wt rio clouser line for it. Defiantly plan on over lining it. The BVK I use a half size heavier line, a rio grand. I know the BVK in the same weight as the predator is lighter. Although I don't find the redington to feel too cumbersome. I can't comment on the redington warranty, havnt used it, but I can tell you first hand that TFO customer service is the best I've ever dealt with. Hope this helps a bit!

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    Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    X2 fly or die, over-line it and go with the TFO. Better rod in all facets in my humble opinion.

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    Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    All 3 of my TFO's are this is my personal preference....and I have used the TFO warranty twice. No questions asked, and both rods were back to me in 5 and 7 days!!! I have not used the warranty on my Redingtons as of yet. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    I use a Predator in the gulfcoast surf in summer snook season. Our surf isnt in anyway a 'surf'. I cant imagine doing it with a 9wt. Im happy using the 6wt. My buddy mostly uses his St. Croix 4wt. On the rare occasion we hook a lunker, its easily followed down the beach. Anyway the Predator is significantly lighter in hand than any TFO Ive handled.

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    Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    I have a Redington Predator in a 6wt that I use for throwing streamers to trout. I absolutely love it. It tosses large flies with ease and having it only be 7'6" makes it easier to cast in tighter spots. I find it loads very quickly which is part of the reason is casts nicely

    - Tyler

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    Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    Both fine rods. I have a Predator 6wt and a BVK 7. To my feel they are substantially different. BVK is lighter and perhaps more of a "presentation" rod. The Predator is a bit of a heavier workhorse that would handle a clouser collision a bit better than the TFO.

    I think a more apples-to-apples TFO comparison would be with the Axiom. (I have an 8wt). It's a beast, though a full 2ozs heavier. For surf, it might be my choice.

    And while we're talking TFO, perhaps the new Mangrove bears investigation. I have not touched one, but am anxious to.

    I agree with all that has been said about the TFO customer support. Quick and efficient. I admit, I have no experience with Redington's. (I wonder if that means something...)

    Bottom line, they are different enough that I encourage you to cast them, if you can, before deciding.


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    Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    It;s like comparing a mustang to a camero .Both are ok rods .check this link out 2011 Eight Weight Shootout - Yellowstone Angler Persdonally I think BVK is much better rod for $$$$$

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    Default Re: Redington Predator or TFO's BVK?

    Neither. Get a new Mangrove from TFO.

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