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Thread: Hi Fellas

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    Hi Fellas, My name is Paul, I live in the UK.
    I love my flyfishing, mostly stillwaters, as 90% of UK rivers are owned by syndicates.
    My PB is a Rainbow of 8lb 12 oz, caught at Witton Castle lakes on an "Alan Shearer"
    I make priests among other things, from Antler, thats one in my avatar, I sold one to a guy in Alaska via Ebay, his buddies were impressed, so I sent more. We keep in touch, and I have been invited to Alaska to fish. which I intend to take up in summer 2009. I am looking forward to this immensely.
    Great Site .

    P.S. I was taught to be cautious, were you?

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    Hello Paul,
    Welcome to the forum, hope we arn't to wild for ya.

    Now send us some beer.

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    Default Re: Hi Fellas

    Hi Paul,

    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to hearing about fishing in the UK.

    By the way, we have many ladies that also post on the forum. I wouldn't want you to slight them.


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    Default Re: Hi Fellas

    Welcome to the group!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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