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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat... Question

    Did you think of maybe buying a canoe instead of a one of those small inflatable pontoon boats?

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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat... Question

    I purchased a Outlaw Escape 3 months ago, and it is awesome! It's the Scadden one, like Joni has.

    Only 21 lbs and it has a 600 lb capacity. Frameless are the only way to go IMHO.

    I put mine on a generic roof rack. No problem, I toss it on and use 4 bungi cords.

    I've added a fishfinder and got some "flip fins" (also Dave Scadden)

    Photobucket changed for me...... I finally got the pix to post! last one, my flip fins:
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    I think I want to get a pontoon -- they sure look like fun.

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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat... Question

    Sten, when you get one, get ahold of me or Joni and we'll go up to Strawberry.
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    Default Re: Pontoon Boat... Question

    I think my Outlaw Escape is awesome! I purchased a regular float tube last summer, and it got me started.... but I am so glad I upgraded.

    I also started with regular fins. They are hard to walk in (I fell in the cold water head first) so I upgraded to Scadden "Flip Fins". These Omega fins stay up with a spring, and when I get into the water they flip down and lock. Big fins too, they are fast and light.

    My Outlaw Escape was $700 rather than the $150 like a regular float tube. But this mini pontoon didn't leak any air in three months. I don't deflate or inflate, I keep it filled and on the top of my car. So easy to use. It takes me one minute to unstrap and put my tackle inside...... and a easy walk to the lake.

    I live in PA, so this cold spell has me using my spin rod now. But soon the lakes will come alive with bluegills (my fave fish with a 3wt). And this year I'll be Fly Rod Carpin' in the Susquehanna in my pontoon.

    Tight Lines
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