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Thread: TU Members

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    As stated earlier, I'm a life member. Just some random thoughts/questions after reading posts:

    How much (after you subtract the retail value of the rod and reel—say $900) goes to TU?

    Does anyone know for sure if TU gets the rods/reels donated from manufacturers or at least gets them at well below retail? I hope so.

    Sorry to hear that some TU chapters aren't that helpful. My local chapter seems pretty active. Relevant (local waters/issues) speakers once a month. Fish with a member sponsored (at discount rates) trips to privately stocked waters. 2-3 volunteer habitat rebuilding days a month (in conjunction with land owners and other orgs like the Chesapeake Bay foundation). Not to mention the stocking/habitat efforts on 3 waters I fish regularly (public and private) and trout in the classroom educational programs.

    I think it helps to have a local/knowledgeable/active fly shop working closely with a TU chapter.

    My taxes help out on public lands...but none of that would go to fix up some fine private water that frankly holds some of the biggest fish around here. And not all of that water is $$$ to fish. $70 for a day or hell, $10 to fish just as big and plenty fish but you have to 1 of 4 passes which are usually gone by 8am.

    I'm happy to have helped those efforts.
    "...all snobbery is defensive..and as important as fishing seems, the most important thing about it is, it's just fishing."

    -- John Gierach


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    One of the local chapters here does small stuff every so often, but they stock over native fish which is a big no no. Their excuse is they don't know if they are native or just wild and instead of spending some of the $16,000 they have sitting in their bank account on DNA testing, they would rather just continue to float stock so they can catch their ugly 14" rainbows. TU is supposed to be about protecting these fish that this chapter is destroying.

    The other chapter in my state is still kind of green but they have a ton of potential and we support them whenever we can. They actually have guest speakers and even a camping/fishing trip for members.

    The chapter that does the float stocking feels that they don't need to do anything to "reward" members for volunteering their time and effort. I see it as appreciation and a way to keep people active and interested, not a reward.

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    I was a member the first year i was flyfishing, the guys in the local chapter were great guys and spent the time on the water helping me out with various aspects of the sport, and answering my many questions with a smile. Unfortunately, all the streamside meeting coincided with my monthly Fire Dept. meetings. I did let my membership lapse, but plan to renew soon. i wont be doing the Life membership, $100 a month would be hard to part with, and is needed other places.

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    Default Uh-oh

    TU apparently is one of the signers of this:

    Sportsmen to Obama: Follow Through on Climate Change | MidCurrent

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    Just joined last year, Oklahoma chapter 420. Annual member.

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    I opened my email today to find a request from our area chapter asking for help with 2 projects. One is for help removing an old wier on a local river, and the other is asking for help with a 4week fly fishing class in a local community. Both projects are being done side by side with the regional DWR..

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    Its a good cause that helps keep this sport alive, so yes I am a lifetime member and think it is well worth it.

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