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Thread: TU Members

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    Default TU Members

    Just wondering how many people on the forum are TU Members and how many of you are TU Lifetime Members? They are running their Lifetime Membership $100 a month f0r 12 months deal and am considering signing up. Is it really worth it?

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    Money going to a fishing conservation and habitat restoration group is always "worth it".

    That being said... I currently am not a member of TU... Before the year is over I plan on finally paying my dues as couple different TU groups do do a lot of work on the streams around here and I am grateful for that... Unfortunately sometimes the saying "One bad apple ruins the whole bunch" and really have no interest in partaking with my local chapters because I have had some less than friendly encounters with TU supporters in the past... But I also understand that my money is going towards all current and future work that the local TU does and what TU does as a whole... Not how their members decide to act...

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    I've been a TU member since the mid-70's, I think. Annual member, send extra when I can. In today's economy $100 a month goes a fair way toward neccessities.

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    Yes and yes, I am a TU life member. I bit the bullet a while ago. They were offering a rod/reel package at the time. Have since sold the rod, but try to contribute when I can. Also a member of the FFF (and osprey) and CCA.

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    I am a member, but not a life member. I think of a life membership as a combination gear purchase and charitable contribution. I figure it's not worth it unless I was already planning to buy the "complimentary" rod and reel anyway. As far as I can tell, the only difference between a regular membership and a life membership is that with a life membership, you get (1) the rod and reel, (2) a Life Member pin that you can wear proudly at all your snooty high-society functions, (3) a Life Member decal (but it doesn't get you preferred parking at any secret TU honey holes), (4) a Life Member certificate suitable for framing (but don't hang it in your office if you want a long career -- gotta watch the ol' fishing-vs.-work-ethic thing), and (5) no more $35 annual dues. If I want to give them more than the minimum annual dues, I figure I'll just give them an extra contribution, rather than buy stuff I don't need.
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    Default Re: TU Members

    Just joined this year, and am on the board of my local chapter. It's not a perfect organization, but I think my efforts to support conservation and promote the sport can go further by being part of TU.

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    Default Re: TU Members

    I'm a member, but haven't ponied up for the lifetime membership. I'm also very active on the Board of our local CCA chapter since I've been back in TX.
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    TU has become involved in more than one thing I consider to be counterproductive. If you remember, there was a thread last year where I contacted the local fisheries office on one of those counterproductive things they were doing, and Fisheries said they were not contacted by them. They were aware of it and agreed it was someplace between stupid and destructive.

    If it were an isolated thing I would dismiss it as a one off and move on. It is not. That's is why I dropped my membership and will not be going back in the foreseeable future.

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    I am a member of the Mianus Chapter in CT. Unfortunately I am often busy and cannot attend meetings (or i am fishing).

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    I'm a member of the TU Madison County New York Chapter 680. I found that regardless of what the National TU has done, our local chapter is instrumental in conservation and stream preservation in our area. We are heavily involved with stream improvements on our local waters. A few years ago we were able to get the DEC to establish about a 5 mile or so stretch of the creek as "catch and release". We support "Trout in the Classroom" and work with wounded veterans, through "Project Healing Waters". Through the chapter I have met a lot of great people who I can hang with and have a good time. So while I may not agree with everything National TU does, the grassroots efforts make it worthwhile in my book. Oh, and I only do the $35 a year dues.

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