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  1. Default Winter Fly Fishing Video - GoPro Footage

    New to the forums here. Just thought I would introduce myself and show you guys a couple of the videos I put together this winter. These two videos were filmed with a GoPro Hero3 Black. Once the weather gets better some filming will be done with DSLRs.

    The videos were filmed in Southeast Minnesota.

    This is the first video I made and was basically a test video to see how things turned out. This video was filmed over two outings in the middle of January 2013.

    [ame=]YouTube Video - January 2013[/ame]

    This is a video I just put together this weekend. It was filmed last Wednesday, March 13th.

    [ame=]YouTube - 3/13[/ame]

    Enjoy and feel free to share the links with your fishin buddies

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    Default Re: Winter Fly Fishing Video - GoPro Footage

    The vids won't load for me.

    Welcome though.
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    I'm not sure why they won't load for you, because they work just fine for me. Are you using a mobile? One of the videos won't work on mobile because it uses a copyrighted song. I'll PM the links to you and see if that works.

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    Default Re: Winter Fly Fishing Video - GoPro Footage

    Thanks for sharing. Great music. Did you use the GoPro chest mount?

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    Default Re: Winter Fly Fishing Video - GoPro Footage

    That January one looked like it was damned COLD. Here in SW Oregon, we have passed laws that ice forming in our rivers is forbidden. Unless its way up in the mountain; even then frowned upon .....
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  7. Default Re: Winter Fly Fishing Video - GoPro Footage

    Yeah, I used the chest mount for these videos. I have a head mount, but I like the angle with the chest mount because it shows my hands handling the line. My arms get in the way at times but I guess that's just part of it.

    It was in the 20-30 degree range for both of these videos. The line guides freeze over every few casts if it's windy. I fished one day with wind chills around -15F. Needless to say, it was cold as _____. A lot of the streams freeze up around here during the winter and I've hiked into some only to realize I should have brought my ice fishing auger.

    I'm in the process of compiling footage from 20 outings to create a "best of winter" video. Big fish are tough to come by around here; I've only caught one 16" this winter with most being in the 8"-13" range. Most of the streams are closed until April 1st so stream selection is limited.

    Most of the fish have been caught with midge and baetis nymphs. I don't do a lot of streamer fishing and that's what it takes to catch the bigger ones around here. I'm sure I'll give in and throw some sooner or later, but I prefer small nymphs and dries for whatever reason.

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    Default Re: Winter Fly Fishing Video - GoPro Footage

    Nice work on the videos! It's good to see open water, the water here is still frozen except for a small trickle down the middle.

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    Default Re: Winter Fly Fishing Video - GoPro Footage

    Nice vids! Lots of fish! Glad you posted the fact it was the chest mount as I have just purchased it for my GoPro and wanted to see that angle. Guess Im going to need to be careful of my big arms blocking shots!
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