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    Quote Originally Posted by busbus View Post
    hahaha, well, the golf course has since been converted into a business park. There are a number of business buildings there now but they left a lot of the golf cart trails and the ponds. I do not think Barney Fife will be out to get me. Of course, I wouldn't even know who to contact if I wanted to. I will simply have to plead ignorance and ask for forgiveness. But if you do see those headlines in the paper, well, you will know it is me!

    I have a 9' 5# with floating line. The suggestions to add a nymph to a grasshopper or something is a great idea. I do not expect any really large fish out of either pond but it has to help me get better. And, as I read these responses, I should get valuable practice that will only make me better once I get to moving water.
    They only let Barney have one bullet, so your chances of getting away are 5 to 1. I'd risk it! milt
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    Default Re: Effective small pond fishing

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