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    Costa 580 in copper and go fishing.........smiths are okay...but, does not come close to costas - both in price and quality....

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    Default Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    Costas for sure. I worked at a sporting goods retailer for quite some time, and I took just about everypair of sunglasses outside for a test on colors and clarity. For me the Costas were the best, but everyones' eyes are different. Ask the retailer if you can step outside with them and take a look at natural colors. Revo also makes a very high quality set, but they are not aimed for the fisherman in mind. If you want to save some cash don't hesitate on the glass 400 Costas either. I've got a set and they are wonderful to look through. The 580 is a tad better, but it is not a night and day difference.
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    Default Re: Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    I have two pair of the Costa glasses, 1 pair of the 580 and one 400. Both are awesome. The 580's are just awesome. The warranty is one thing you need to look at with Costa, not cheap, at least they were a couple of years ago. My buddy has a pair of Smiths, and they are nice, but he likes my 580's better.

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    Default Re: Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    I have 2 pr of Maui Jim's glass lens sunglasses in copper and rose, and Costa 400 glass copper lenses. They are about the same. I'm looking to pick up a pair of Costa 580 glass to see if it is superior.


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    Axle, I do not know how close to a Cabela's store you are, but if you can get to one, check out the bargain cave. I have bought 5 pair there (3 for gifts) and I didn't pay more than $100 for any of them....all had the 580 glass.

    I have severe problems with my vision( corneal disease). Right now I am wearing reading glasses in addition to my surgically fitted hard contact lenses, and I am still squinting. My Opthamologist told me that sunglasses were a necessity, and he ordered me to buy Costa's....and he doesn't sell them! Good enough for me!

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    Default Re: Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    That's the ones my brother-in-law have.

    Another problem is that I'm real particular about the sunglasses I buy. Right now, I use Oakley Half jacket XJ's, which I love. The clarity is good, but nothing like the Costa's, tho. But, half the cost of the Costas. Now, I've tried on several models of the Costa's and the Brine is the one. I think that a good all around lens is the copper, but I'm not sure.

    I don't know if there's anyplace that I can try on the Smith's.
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    Default Re: Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    I have the Man O War 580s and also grabbed the Corbina 580s recently, both in blue mirror because I use them the most while fishing the salt. I plan on picking up the Corbinas in Green Mirror or other light color in the near future for fishing shaded streams. Even with cloudy skies and tree cover, the blue mirror does better than you would expect.

    Don't think I will ever buy another brand.

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    Default Re: Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    I got a pair of 580's the end of this last summer and I can say that I will not be buying anything else. I don't think you can beat the clarity of the lenses. Also I am hard on glasses and they have held up with what I have put them through.

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    Default Re: Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    I've had both and prefer the Costa's for sure, just received some old swordfishes back from the company with Nice new lenses. After a few fatalities over the side of boats, in rivers(or left on a bar after too many Cuba libre's) I don't go anywhere with my shades on without croakies XL's. Best 8 bucks I've spent in a while.
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    Default Re: Smith Optics vs Costa Del Mar

    Just an FYI...

    The Green Mirror 580G Costa lens is a copper lens with a green mirror finish, by far my favorite.

    The Blue Mirror are a little bit darker tint than my green mirror lenses are, I find the green to be the perfect model for my eyes...

    If I mainly fished fresh water, I would go with green mirror...

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