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Thread: Fly Shops

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    There is a shop 30 seconds from my house, best selection of tying materials and rods in the state. The owner is older and has been having health problems so he is only open 10-2 for now, makes it almost impossible for me to shop there unfortunately, REALLY nice guy.

    The next closest shop is about 20 minutes from here. Beyond that, the other 2 shops are an hour away. Lets just say that I happily drive the hour to give the other 2 shops my business when the one closest to me is closed. I won't go in to details but the other one lost my business.

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    There are two in Santa Fe. I frequent one because it's funkier, but am OK with both. The help's at my primary shop's been helpful when I needed it, unobtrusive when I didn't. I do care about price, but I'm more than willing to keep buying stuff that's a wash price-wise local because I want them to stay in business.



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    You guys are lucky with all The Fly Fishers in The US you have heaps of Fly Shops many of which I've bought gear from over the years plus I've also bought heaps off The US Ebay Site.
    We still have quite a few here which occasionally I buy from however I find it cheaper to bring it in from The US & The UK.

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    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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