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    Default Re: Frustrating time casting my new rod

    First off, am no casting expert, but I feel your pain. For what it's worth....

    Spent years on tight streams and a 7'6" #3 and felt very confident in my casting ability in rather adverse conditions.

    Picked up a 9' #7. Got up on the bow of a bass boat with all the open space I could ever want. The calliope music started. I could smell roasting peanuts and cotton candy, and I was waiting for a a little tiny rowboat to show up and watch a 'boat load' of clowns to climb out.

    I had to learn to cast all over again. Started by learning how to throw a rod length of line and getting the leader to roll out correctly. Then add 5' and repeat, and repeat and repeat.

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    Default Re: Frustrating time casting my new rod

    Redington was bought by Sage. Sage has a tendancy to underrate their rods and I assume Redington does as well.

    Underlining a rod is a good way to gain distance, but not real good for a lot of beginners. What I would suggest is testing your rod to see what it really is and then try a line that is more suited for the rod and your skill level.

    Save the WF8F for a point in the future when you become a better caster.

    Here's how to test the rod. Rod weights and Common Cents

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    Default Re: Frustrating time casting my new rod

    Yeah, I measured the ERN as soon as I got it and it came up at about 10.6... but I had already ordered the WF8F. I've got some WF9F on the way... it'll probably still give me fits.

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    Default Re: Frustrating time casting my new rod

    I glanced over all of the other comments, and here's my advice. Get all the split shot off the line, and cast with a short leader and tuft of yarn. Start at shorter ranges, and work your way out after you get a feel for the rod's tempo. You didn't say you were trying to blast out a 70' cast, but it's not too hard to imagine someone trying to do that with a rod like this.

    One of the things I learned a long time ago, is that it's nearly impossible to cast your way out of a bad situation. Watching my wife over the past 7-8 years has allowed me to see what someone might be inclined to do without a coach of some sort. I tell her to just let the line fall, and start over. Double hauling requires really good timing with a rod like this, and what you were able to get away with on a 4wt won't work as well with the 8wt. I taught myself how to double haul, but had to watch videos for about a year before it sank in. Smooooth hauls work better than sharp jerks.

    8 weights are a different game, but you should be able to get it done.

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