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Thread: Allen deal of the week!

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    Default Allen deal of the week!

    The new Allen deal of the week is a hell of a bargain. The deal consists of an Xa rod, a Trout II reel, and an ATS line for $269.

    Considering that the reel is $139 separately, the rod is $229 separately, and the line is $40 separately, you are saving $139 dollars. Basically, you just paid for the rod and got a top notch reel for free.

    If you purchased everything separate it would be $408.

    If I was in the market for a 3,4, or 5 weight rod I'd already have this baby on order.

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    Default Re: Allen deal of the week!

    Yeah saw that, great deal, I may end up spending money on it hahahaha

    Also the line is not included I believe, and I just checked on the site, the combo with line is 299, but still great deal.

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