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Thread: Float Tube Worries

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    Default Re: Float Tube Worries

    How much do they sell those portaboats for?

    They really only take about 30secs to 1min to pump up. I just have a small plastic pump with fins you can step on while you pump it up and down. I normally deflate it all the way, its just a matter of unscrewing the valve openings and pressing down on the bladders. Takes only a few seconds to deflate it.

    If I know ill be using it again I will only let a little air out, but its not good to keep it fully inflated permanently.

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    Default Re: Float Tube Worries

    I have a confession to make. The reason I haven't considered a float tube,,I can move myself in the water by kicking my feet. I can swim like a frog,,fast as one too,,if I pull my legs up and and push back while doing a breast stroke or even a crawl..but for the freakin' life of me, I've never moved by kicking my feet/legs like most people do. I fear I'd get the tube,,not move with my fins on...and still have to put a small troller on it. Guess what would be OK too.

    I am setting up a Pelician Bass Stalker,,,one'a them Pond Crawler style two man pontoon boats. Them things are uber kewl to fly fish out of,,stable, 10ft long so you can haul it in the back of a full size truck bed. Not too heavy,,one person can load one really easy (if you set the battery out and stuff.) They actually do wonderfully on the river,,and if they are stable in New River,,they will be stable in any river on this blue ball of earth I figure. Now I don't go class 5 white water over there with it LOL,,but it's no biggie to float down the falls to the next stretch in most places. If you sit ya stuff right, everything is below you cept ya troller handle...I think I'm gonna use mine with the troller in front,,so I can quarter at my intended casting targets.

    Anyways, off topic of the tube. Any secrets to swimming with your feet ?

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Float Tube Worries

    Believe it or not, snapping turtles aren't aggressive in the water and if they swim towards you, are probably just curious or they have been fed by people and are looking for a free meal (not your foot). You're more likely to get bit walking in to the water since they will bury themself and wait for food. If you step on ones head, I am sure it wouldn't appreciate it and may let you know. On land is different, they are vulnerable and feel the need to defend themself because they think you are a predator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by busbus View Post

    Are you talking about the Porta-Botes? I am seriously thinking about one but not just yet. I still have two kids in school and one keeps changing her mind about what she wants to do when she grows up. I think she may be thinking she will want to care for her old man because he will be bankrupt if she changes majors again! Well, not that bad but, still, I need to take it easy for a little while longer.

    I do want to get one of these bad boys eventually because they seem sturdy as heck.


    As far as the otters go, I don't need to worry about those things in Pittsburgh! Mammals don't seems to bother me like reptiles do. There is something extremely creepy and brutal about reptiles.
    Yes, the very same. They were terrific on our 150 mile float trip, and very simple to set up, hardly any time involved. As far as hanging together, these things really are tough!!! We went through rapids, hit rocks, slammed into limbs, and bounced off tree trunks. The only repairs we had to do, we did with duct tape. They just kept on trucking!!

    That being said, other than a special purpose boat for a fly-in trip, I don't see that they have any advantage to Canoe's or the inflatable pontoon boats.



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    Default Re: Float Tube Worries

    You're not askeered of a little turtle are you?

    Here's lookin' at you...

    This is actually two different turtles. The second and third pics are the same smiling face. The first one was about 2'-3' in diameter. The second was around 2'. Though both had heads the size of softballs. That's a 5/0 hook in the first one's face.


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    Default Re: Float Tube Worries

    In regards to moving yourself by kicking, its not hard, and its very natural. Once you are sitting down with fins on, you will instantly understand how it works and how easy it is. All you need to do is move your legs up and down, and the fins do the rest. As simple as that. As long as you have working knees, you'll be fine.

    In regards to that turtle, we have plenty that size over here, and some even bigger. There's a small local pond by my house with a turtle that I can see from anywhere on the pond. Just below the surface, it looks like a small table is swimming around.

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