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    Default Polarizing discussions

    There have been a couple of discussions of late that have had polarizing comments for and against X product/brand etc. While reading them, I've noticed some really good discussion on both sides but unfortunately, there are a number of comments that totally derail and or detract from the value of the discussion. One of the reasons I've enjoyed this community over some of the other forums is that this sort of thing seemed to happen much less over a period of time if at all.

    Granted some of the comments are meant from a jovial perspective and it isn't always easy to interpret the tone of the posters comments via an internet forum. Yes you can unsubscribe from threads like this, not view them or refrain from comment but they are still there.

    Keeping discussions on point and not derailing the discussion from the original poster's question can be challenging. By doing so it really benefits us all so we don't need to read through or skim over the comments that detract from the conversation. It's perfectly healthy to cover bases in a discussion and agree to disagree. It's also OK to start a new topic of discussion so as to include the additional topics rather than derail the initial thread.

    Myself included, I wish we would all keep in mind that negativity, attacks on personal opinions of products, views and what have you really detract from the enjoyment of the readership. Others who are viewing the forum for the first time may think twice about joining. Maybe just my personal opinions, I dunno.

    I'm done venting.

    All I know is I'm ready for the weather to break
    ~*~Leave only your footprints~*~

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    And here I was thinking we were going to be talking about sunglasses again.

    Oh, wait, I'm not supposed to do that......

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    There have been times I have wanted to post in threads, but ultimately decided not to because it would be seen as trolling or inflammatory.

    I deleted one comment because after re-reading it could be taken as "flame-bait."

    I try to behave myself on this forum and my posting behavior is pretty different from other forums. Maybe I'm being a bit too cautious, but I just feel that the crowd here is older, so I try to respect that.

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    There was a recent thread that comes to mind about a certain manufacturer of a reel. The person that bought it started the thread with his experience with that company and a company rep contributed in that thread with his side of the story. It was somewhat cordial but still definitely opinionated, yet the thread got poofed. I also posted in that thread and gave my opinion, in a respectful manor I might add. I think the discussion was helpful to both the consumer and possibly to that particular company if for nothing else but a glimpse into the psyche of the consumer, possibly help them in their customer service.
    But as I said that thread, along with all of them that are of that sort, got deleted. I am not sure as to why but I can only guess that someone went over the line and decided that talking to or about someone behind a keyboard in a disrespectful manor is somehow okay. I see this more on other forums, and not so much here, the mods here are quick to put an end to that sort of thing. That is a good thing in my opinion.
    Which brings me to my final thought and that's opinions. We all have them know the rest. Lets just be respectful to each other when expressing them.
    Last edited by bruce m; 03-25-2013 at 05:36 PM.

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    I have been a member of several forums and I have to say that this one is pretty well behaved. I have seen much more dramatic flame wars and quite frankly, that is why I have quit participating in those clubs. When I see those threads, I generally read a few posts and move on. I don't feel the need to participate, but I don't think they are completely destructive.

    From my POV, I think the Mods have done a good job of locking threads when they head down the rabbit hole. I have not noticed threads being deleted outright personally, but I would agree that is bad form even though it is necessary sometimes.

    Anyway, just wanted to put that out there. I noticed from the beginning that everybody seemed to be pretty helpful and level-headed. Too much drama puts a sour taste in everybody's mouth, but I feel like it is minimal on this forum. That is entirely because of the members and the mods.

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    Quote Originally Posted by quimby View Post
    ...but I just feel that the crowd here is older...
    Damn. Now that's polarizing.

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    Situations like this have brought calls to establish a sarcasm font and/or a funny font to help add perspective to posts that might be misapprehended.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    Godwin's Law states: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1." (hey, look it up on Wikipedia).

    To my knowledge this has never happened here. Even the most "trolly" of posts seem to always be met with a great deal of equanimity. I am very pleased to be part of such a civil community....

    but i really do like the idea of a sarcasm font!!!!

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    Unfortunately these occasional occurrences over time have cost the forum some fine members who've decided it was time to move along, hate to see that happen.

    We have a great forum here with many very good contributors, we all have opinions, and as long as we show respect for others opinions, that should bring brings respect for our own.

    Typically this does happen late in the Winter season, even here @ NAFFF, fortunately, our time on the water is near and we'll all become our polite selves once again.

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    Default Re: Polarizing discussions

    I wish we would all keep in mind that negativity, attacks on personal opinions of products, views and what have you really detract from the enjoyment of the readership. Others who are viewing the forum for the first time may think twice about joining.

    A few years back, I met with a man from this site. We fished together, we shared cigars together, we discussed this site together. We agreed this site was well above another we had both FORMERLY belonged to. We even met a man from the former site that day. Even then you could sense the difference.

    To the man I fished with that day, I will say this. I call him FRIEND. Rare are the times when he doesn't turn the other cheek and post an opinion.

    To say brand A is better than brand Z is fine. Even to the point of fair arguement over it. To go as far as insult an individual over which brand he likes...really?

    This site isn't intended for individual attacks. Others are and the internet is vast with them. PLEASE choose your posting wisely.

    Yep...I'm done venting also Jaybo.


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