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Thread: Plans for 2013?

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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    Quote Originally Posted by stuie675 View Post
    Take over the world, and look good doing it, and do some fishing when I get the time of course.
    Would you happen to be a small lab mouse with a big head?

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    On a serious note, my fishing trips are limited to mostly day trips for the rest of the year. I had a couple of surgeries in January, and I have some out of pocket expenses to pay. So no big trips this year.

    Northern California offers a lot of fishing opportunities year round. I will mostly chase trout. However, I will get some shots at American Shad, Striped Bass, and Largemouth Bass.

    One of my goals this year is to fish more for Striped Bass. The trips will mostly be on the rivers (Feather, Sacramento, American). I'd love to get a Delta session though. I get plenty of invites from my friends with boats. All they ask for are a few bucks for gas and some Clouser Minnows.


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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    try to learn more when fishing my old familiar watres instead of just doing it the way ive always done.And to try and learn to catch some carp.

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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    Try to fish more of the smaller creeks here on MO(crane Creek, Mill Creek, Little Piney etc) Also use some of the flies my wife has tied over the winter. I got here to go with me starting last summer and now she's hooked. I don't tie my own, but I thought she'd like it so I got here into a tying class and now she's going crazy. She's tied a couple of hundred. When I see something on the web, I show her, she'll tie half dozen for me then half dozen for herself.

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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    Already have done quite a bit of fishing this year in the Current River and Lake Taneycomo here in Missouri for browns and rainbows. Waiting on the bass to start biting in the lake. Heading to Southwest Missouri next month for a little excursion. July we are spending two weeks in Cody, WY to do some fishing for rainbows, browns and cuts. That is all that is set in stone so far. I am wanting to use my own ties exclusively this year and make a couple landing nets. Salmon fishing at least one week in October.

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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    Same plan as every year... fish as much as possible... and so far I've been able to live up to those plans year after year after year...

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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    Finally getting over some health issues, too (and the $$$ involved) and dodging one huge health bullet, so my plans are no longer on hold: Make the 1200+ mile round trip to the Miramichi for a week late April/early May, again early June, second and third weeks of July, mebbe one in August, and the third week of September. I loves fishin' for them atlantics!

    And a few trips up to northern NY for landlocks, spring and fall.

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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    In order to find more fish & fewer people I am making a couple fuel catches along the rivers some 80 - 90 miles from the nearest boat launches. With all the time I've spent at our cabin there are still rivers and creeks within 40 miles I haven't ever seen so I am going to explore some this year. Everywhere is within reach of float planes and the super cubs that will land on any sandbar at least 250 feet long but the farther you go the fewer boats you find. I figure to camp on a few of the far flung creeks also.

    With our cantankerous weather and fisheries dependant on returns from the sea it's kinda hard to plan too far ahead...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghocevar View Post
    Speaking from experience, your plan is very sound...time out on the water will definitely take a back seat for a couple years.
    I am enjoying every day that I can on the water knowing that it will change in the next couple months. Also can't wait to be a dad. Every day is more interesting. I am having a great time experiencing the pregnancy with my wife. I love feeling the baby move and can't wait to see the what the baby is. I"ll keep you guys posted.

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    Right now the plan is to start in two weeks on PA trout. Then in June, off to Louisiana for a two week Redfish/Gator Gar trip. In July, I am going for week to Montana to fish the Bitteroot, Selway, and Lochsa. In August I will be on the Kenai Peninsula for a week chasing trout, Grayling, and Salmon. Then back to PA trout, and Great Lakes' (Erie and Ontario) Steelies and Browns. Somewhere in there I will do South Carolina, Myrtle Beach area, and hopefully a week in Costa Rica.

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    Default Re: Plans for 2013?

    1. Try to actually go fishing, at the moment. I'm in graduate studies and am taking the mother of all readings courses at the moment. I went through spring break without as much as a cast.

    2. Fishing trip with Dad in May or June. Don't know if I'll be able to use the long rod, as he's not a flyfisher. When not fishing, he's generally stealing me blind in cards, so we're often sitting at the picnic table when not in the boat.

    3. A carp on the fly. I will be doing dissertation research and wriritng and this will be my escape in the summer. Never caught one or targeted one.

    4. Buy a and use a float tube. perhaps in conjunction with #3.

    Oh, for the semester to end....

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