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Thread: Tenkara Forum?

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    Forgive me... It's not a cane pole... It's a telescoping rod... I think someone already pointed out that those can be had for around $12

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post

    First of all, why all the rejection of Tenkara...
    Not sure it's a rejection of Tenkara as much as it is a belief (by some) that it drills down into another layer of fishing. Like one poster already eluded to; why stop at Tenkara, why not a forum for; dry fly fishing, soft hackles, nymphing, hatches, reading the water, stillwater, tailwaters, spring creeks, and on-and-on.

    This site has a ton of subcategories already. If one really needs to focus on a particular style, then there are specialized sites already taking it to that next level.

    I'm not particularly interested Tenkara, but I don't totally reject it either... but I do see it as a specialized category - with advantages and limitations - that probably needs it's own subcategories (rods, flies, leaders, casting, etc.).

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    I'm definitely not "threatened" by Tenkara... I think it's users are more the threatened ones... Ya'll seem to flare up the minute someone thinks different of it[
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    There's no hate but some of us feel there's a place for everything and everything in its place. Is it really so hard to understand that there are already scads of trendy Tenkara forums all over the web and that to read and write about it is qite simple. Click here, it's as easy as tenkara Let's try this again
    Just as some of you pretend to not understand why some of us consider tenkara different by a wide margin to what we traditionally do here except for maybe a teensy-weensy similarity if you search hard enough, some of us can't understand why tenkara people are so militant and demanding and quick to call names and label people when we feel that though tenkara is indeed fishing, to have it glommed on to a very successful form of fishing is pushing it. It is an extremely smart marketing move to attach to fly fishing to gain instant exposure to sell your wares to the trendy among us.
    Just tell me why the forums you already have aren't good enough for you. One would think that if tenkara and fly fishing were so much alike your boards would be filled with fly fishing talk with fly fishers screaming and clamoring to have their own sections on tenkara boards.
    Live and let live and Happy Easter to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stenacron View Post
    This is a very tough pill for me to swallow... so there is a USA Fly-fishing Team... and they had no knowledge of fishing weighted nymphs on a slack leader, until their Czechoslovakian coach showed them? Not exactly conjuring up images of the Dream Team here.

    Charles Brooks must be rolling over in his grave.

    First off, Dream Team is one the wins, as mentioned we got our arses handed to us, so yes, we are trying to adapt.
    As for them not having knowledge till shown, isn't that what is happening here?

    Frank, I grew up fishing the Snake River. Poor family but you would never know it. My friend and I would grab a 8' piece of bamboo out of the garden, tie mono to it and a hook and worm or a lure we saved up to buy.
    We caught fish and were happy as could be.
    Tenkara is NOT the same trust me. If you are saying the same motion, well that covers ALL fishing.
    Everything about Tenkara is fly fishing. Using the line to get this feather light hook out to the fish in a delicate manner. Only difference is lack of guides and a reel?

    Dapping? Possibly but you can also cast it. I watched the Tenkara presentation and with a 13' rod and 16' leader, he was hitting two of the contest rings effortlessly, so you see it will do more.

    As for other rods being able to do the same thing, then why do any of us have different rods. Seriously, an 8 wt can land that 6" shiner.
    We buy special rods for special applications, don't we?

    I see this Tenkara shining on some streams that have several different currents running the shore line with a nice seam out 13' which happens to everyone thus the need for 10' and longer rods. But, advantage here. I fish year round and my guides and line are not going to get stuck from freezing. Just another tool.

    I like the idea of a Topic board here because I feel that Forums LIKE to keep its posters. I could be wrong, but sending them away? It will not hurt any of you people that do not wish to try it, but I see a lot of good info exchanged among us that do.

    It is all a constant class anyway.

    I am done.
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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    I'm pretty sure the advertisers on this board would rather they have more eyes staying on this site rather than having people jumping from forum to forum.

    We have a separate sub-forum for Spey fishing, which, it could be argued, is not 'traditional' fly fishing either, with it's different techniques and tools. I don't Spey fish (or tenkara) so I simply don't read those posts.

    The more people we have on the site, bringing their different experiences, expertise and insight, the richer we all are.

    After all, it's not like we're running out of bandwidth...

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    Hi Guys and Gals, Happy Easter.

    This website has room for a Games & Puzzles forum, but no room for a Tenkara section?
    There are 11 sections to choose from under the heading Classifieds.
    Under the heading Fly Tying there are sections for General Fly Tying Discussion, Fly Patterns, Share Patterns, Fly Swap and Fly Swap Pictures. Talk about redundancy and the dilution of content.

    If things keep going the way they are, at some point you’ll have to scroll down to the second page of some of the forums, just to get past the ever increasing number of sticky posts.
    What every happened to topic specific FAQ sections?

    I have no interest in Tenkara currently and wouldn‘t likely look in on that forum if one were developed, but things change.
    Just as I have no interest in competing in tournaments, but I’d be jazzed to learn more about what the surf, trout, black bass, tube & toon fly tourney competitors are using and doing.

    Have a great one gang, TT

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    Since I was the one who brought this up thought I should also add my own take. After reading all the posts, didn't mean to open a can of worms here, I can see both sides of this issue with many fine points being made here. I think that those who don't want to expand there knowledge of other styles don't have to go to the category if they have no interest in Tenkara.

    Just as some have made the point about Czech nymphing being a euro thing that is now accepted as fly fishing when there is no casting at all, you flop! Chech style is really a form of drop shotting that the japanese refined years and years ago using spinning tackle. So if we want to talk straight fly fishing do we talk about dry fly fishing only?

    I would like to believe that we can get beyond personal prejudices and learn new things and evolve the sport as each person would like to pursue. Anyway, just my personal thoughts on the subject

    Happy Easter to all!
    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post
    If you get it out of your minds, that Tenkara style fishing if going to be able to do what you can do with your fly rod w/guides and reel, you need to think again. It's for a certain type of fishing. Minimalist. I can't use it effectively on the Green River, Henry's Fork, the Madison, but it will excel (where it's difficult with a regular fly rod) on mountain streams like our Uinta mountain streams, or smaller local streams where foliage is a problem.
    Amazing how many of you feel threatened by it. You can post all you want by saying you don't feel threatened, but read your replies. Something you're not familiar with is sneaking up and slapping you in the back of the head and you don't like it.
    The cane pole and crappie pole analogy is boring and beating a dead horse.
    I challenge you guys (if you got the stones) and grab a crappie rod or your bamboo pole. Tie your string on it and at the end tie a fly on it. Fish that bad ass all day and then, FIND SOMEONE THAT HAS A TENKARA ROD, fish it for a day and tell me it's the same. It might not be you cup of tea but at least you tried it and can REALLY come back and post on your experience. If not, than just ignore Tenkara threads.
    Can't get any simpler than ss how people spend the money that they work for.
    I posted here before about visiting my son at Dover Air Force base, and forgetting my rod and reel. His house was near a bass pond, and they were popping everywhere! I did have my vest hanging on the back of the driver's seat, so I took my knife and found a slender branch. I cleaned off the little twigs, and tied one of my knotted 12 foot leaders to the end. My wife and son laughed until I began catching crappie and small LMB left and right. Then they began taking pictures. I posted one of those pictures a while back, but I was 70lbs heavier.

    As far as a forum, I only look at about 6 of this site's many forums.......

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    I'm sure there are people who fish tenkara who name call and get upset at folks who use regular fly rods but I haven't seen those on this thread do that. In fact it was the people who don't like tenkara who have really led the charge in that area. The folks on this forum who fish tenkara rods generally also fish the rods many of the non-tenkara folks fish. The sarcasm and negative posts started quickly and hijacked the thread.

    As others have pointed out there are plenty of ways to 'fly fish' which are talked about here that don't fit a purist's image. Some of my weighted streamers and nymphs could probably be cast with a spinning rod. Yet bamboo dry fly purists don't jump on all the threads about chucking-and-ducking or throwing heavy streamers and hijack it. Happens occasionally sure, but it is over the top when it comes to tenkara.

    The comparison to other telescoping rods is tired and is beating a dead horse. If someone came and said they didn't like fishing bamboo, fiberglass, or graphite (take your pick) because they used a cheap post WWII bamboo, a clunky cheap fiberglass rod, or a $20 rod from walmart I'm sure many of you wouldn't accept that as a condemnation on all bamboo, fiberglass, or graphite rods. We should be more nuanced than that.

    Sure there are forums on tenkara specifically, so what? As I said before there are forums on rod building, should we drop that section? Fly tying? Fiberglass rods? Classic fly rods? Don't some regions of the country and world have forums?

    I have appreciated that those who don't want a tenkara section are offering real arguments rather than sarcasm. We likely won't all ever agree on how we like to deliver a fly to a fish, or even which type fish we prefer to catch, but perhaps we can agree to live and let live a bit more?
    - William

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