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Thread: Tenkara Forum?

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    Default Tenkara Forum?

    Was wondering if a Tenkara Forum would be of interst to anyone here? Just a thought.

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    Absolutely, specially as soon as my AYU II gets here.

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    Damn Purist :-) What can I say, I also use a bobber.

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    I say a section focused on tenkara probably wouldn't work here, I'd enjoy it if it did, but don't think it will work. Any time the subject has been raised on this forum, or other fishing oriented forums I'm on, the discussion inevitable turns into a debate or argument. There are other good forums where you can get good info on tenkara without the debate. I'd rather talk about fishing (or actually do some fishing) than have debates about fishing that I know will likely not go anywhere productive, sadly.
    - William

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    ME!!! I make it about fly fishing ;-) I just see it as another technique to delivering my hand tied fly and try out my leaders.
    Fly Fishing is constantly changing, I will agree with that.

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    I'm with you Joni! I've enjoyed it and it is far easier to bring along and set-up on a family walk than a four piece rod, reel, and line. For me anyways. I was amazed how similar it was casting the tenkara rod as my light fly rods and it was easier to present a fly subtly and accurately. I'm sure discussions will continue in other parts of the forum and hopefully we can all live and let live.
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    - William

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    Jackster makes a pretty good point here though regarding marketing... "dappling" is the ancient (North American) art of tying a leader directly to a cane pole and fishing a fly on mountain streams. Not sexy enough though to generate any marketable interest, but "Tenkara"... now there's a word that you can hitch a wagon to.

    Nymphing is very similar. Always had a bit of a black mark amongst the purists... but repackage the exact same technique and call it Czech Style Nymphing... well now, NOW you've got mythical Polish trout slaying stories, DVD's, classes, etc.


    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    I never understood the difference between Tenkara and high sticking a fly rod... Aside from the fact that when I wanted to drift more than 15' or cast to risers 30' away... All I'd have to do is strip line from my reel... and really how does one gauge that the setup of a tenkara rod is easier? doesn't take me more than 5min to set up a fly rod aside from choosing what flies to start with...

    And then there are the Tenkara nets... Them things are so silly looking... Looks more like something one would chase butterflies with...

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    Well I suppose this highlights why I don't think it would work on this forum, sadly.
    - William

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    Default Re: Tenkara Forum?

    Personally, having a dedicated tenkara subforum would allow me to skip over all the endless discussions that go on over snake guides, fly line backing and shark fishing of which I have no interest.

    Other than that, the current structure of the forum suits me fine.
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