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    Default How do you make streamer leaders?

    I plan on fishing some large articulated streamers and was wondering how some of you guys make your leaders... Do you use bass line or buy larger tippets?

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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    I'm pretty cheap. I will take a 7.5' 5x tapered leader and cut it down to about 5'. That gives me about 3x at the knot to the streamer. The cheap part comes in because I keep a few old leaders now and then.....

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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    10-15lb Trilene XT or Vanish I really don't see much reason for Tippet over 4x....

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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    Level mono for trout and if you want to sink the fly check this thread >

    Scroll to the bottom and I have written up the way I make salmon / steelhead / trout leaders for deep conditions and current. These leaders eliminate sink tip lines and cast well. I've been fishing streamers and salmon flies this way since about 1994 - 95


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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    12# leader, 8-10# tippet. 1/2 & 1/2.
    Nothing fancy, just modify weights according to how it behaves with the fly you're tossing and the size of the quarry.

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  8. Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?


    Thanks for the link!

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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    Didn't see what you plan on using them for, trout, bass but for bass I use straight 12# floro and maybe around 4'. Depends on the weight of the fly etc...

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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    I tie the following onto a more stout leader section (generally 20lb.), or the thick part of a used up 4x leader after the skinny line has been used up. I prefer fluoro if I can afford it. When tying a smaller line to a much thicker line, an 8 wrap albright knot works well (test it before fishing it though).
    Trout: 8-10lb.
    Bass: 12lb.
    Carp: 15lb.

    I use heavy stuff for bass and carp because they almost always try to break me off in deep cover/weeds/log jams/etc., and they are not usually found in very clear water around here. For trout, something a bit stealthier is best. You're looking for a territorial or reactionary bite, so most likely the fish is chasing and will see the streamer more than the line. Much different than drifting 6x by their faces.
    Also, articulated streamers are neither cheap or quick to tie. Using heavier line generally means better retrieval odds from snags. 15lb. will break off small branches, 8-10lb and the fly is generally lost unless the snag is small or light.

    with clear sink-tip lines, you can get away with a very short 4-6 foot leader of heavy fluoro tied directly to the fly line.

    A non-slip loop knot will give your articulated flies the best movement in the water.

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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    For my 6 wt I use about 3' of 20# Flouro plus 2' of 12# Flouro.

    For my 8wt I use about 30" of Flouro plus 2' of 20# Flouro plus 2' of 12# Flouro.

    I'm just guessing the lengths since I just eyeball it.

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    Default Re: How do you make streamer leaders?

    I use four or five feet of straight fluorocarbon from Walmart or where ever I can get it cheapest. Usually 12# test. Just make a loop knot in the end of it and then attach to fly line. Old butt sections of leaders cut short work well also.

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