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    Default Re: Feather Craft Furled Leaders

    shoot joni a pm and she'll hook you up


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    Looking for a link for Joni but no luck so far!

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    Quote Originally Posted by custompolz View Post
    Looking for a link for Joni but no luck so far!
    The North American Fly Fishing Forum - View Profile: Joni

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    I make and use furled leaders, have for several years, I don't suffer with water spray when lifting off to recast anymore than I did when using mono tapered leaders.
    The use of a very fine thread is very important, things like Unithread are too coarse IMO.
    The other important factor when using them for dry fly, upstream work, which is most of my fishing, is to use red mucilin on them.
    The more you use the leaders the better they become, bit like a silk line.
    When new I would apply several coats of mucilin paste, and work it well into the thread, this can be done at home.
    On arrival at the river, I apply one more coat with the felt pad, and the leader floats nice and high in the water, you may need to apply another rub over after a while, but the more they are used the mucilin will soak into the thread and eventually becomes almost skin like on the leader.
    This all sounds like a lot of work, bit it isn't, I am talking seconds to wipe one over, and the resulting effects are well worth it.
    I use this.
    MUCILIN (RED) | eBay


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    Thanks ...

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    I'm going with the braided leader as the culprit also. I fished with them for a while back in the early 2000's. Bad spray when lifted off the water.
    There's still a lot of people that think a furled leader and braided are the same thing. They are- as being leaders but that's where it ends. A Ferrari and '61 VW Micro Bus are automobiles too if you want to look at it that way.
    I use guess who's leaders too.
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    I think some of the previous posters correctly nailed the leader spray problem to braided leaders. The construction process used to make a braided leader results in a hollow space inside the leader. Picture the braided looped connectors that you can attach to the end of your fly line. This hollow space created in the braided leader can partially fill and carry water which in turn causes the spray.

    Furled leaders are twisted, like a rope, so there is no hollow space. I imagine they could be made using a material that absorbs water, but that that usually isn't the case.

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