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    I am new to the fly fishing world after obtaining a H-I bamboo fly rod. I bought one of the ORVIS reels that was just on sale and fad it shipped with backing and line. I live in N. FL. and will use it for bass fishing and what ever else. Not to sound stupid but I am on this subject. My line has a loop in the end, how do you attach the leader and tippet? Any past forums I should look at? I don't see a search area on here? Also what do others on here use for bass and crappie. The rod is a 9' H-I spinner 6wt. Line is ORVIS bass line in 6wt. Thanks Jack

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    Many premade leaders come with a looped end, and loop to loop is easy enough. If you don't get leaders with loops, I tie a lefty no-slip loop on the leader and then go loop to loop. A "perfection loop" is good too. search on Youtube, and you will find many videos on how to tie the loops.

    There is a search engine on the site. Look on the blue-ish bar that runs the width of the page just under the header. Towards the right side, click on "search".

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    OK I see the search. Looked on you-tube and all I saw was tying a nail-knot. Will look further. Thanks.

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    [ame=]How to Tie a Perfection Loop Fishing Knot - YouTube[/ame]

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    [ame=]How to Tie a Perfection Loop Fishing Knot - YouTube[/ame]

    Tie with the hook and use the loop to loop to connect.

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    I personally use a double surgeons loop in the butt. It is easy to tie as well. I am a firm believer in KISS.

    A good leader for Bass is 30 or 40# butt section of about 4'and a tippet of 15 or 20#. EZ and cheap and it works. A 6wt is kinda inbetween. On a 5wt I would use 30# butt and on a 7wt I would use 40# for the butt.

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    Loop to loop is a walk in the park, if you get leader with a loop that is. Just pass the loop in the fly line thru the loop in the leader, then pull the rest of the leader they the loop in the fly line and pull snug.
    Google "surgeons knot" and "double surgeons knot". They are very easy to tie once you see it done a couple times. YouTube has some excellent vids on them also. I always recommend those knots to anyone just getting into the sport because they are the most user friendly, and will get your line in the water faster
    . Once you are addicted -ahemm- i mean passionate about the sport, you will be drawn to the other knots as well. But it's much more fun to fish, than to tie knots. While I can tie others, I use those 2 most all the time.

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