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Thread: Random pics

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    Default Random pics

    Thought I'd share some shots of the waters I fish and the area I call home.

    My favorite brookie water

    Hex water,


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    Hi driftless,

    Some good looking water. It seems like everyone has a better place to fish than I do. What is the bamboo rod you are using?


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    driftless: Looks like you have some great looking water to fish! Thanks for posting the great looking photos!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
    //snip// It seems like everyone has a better place to fish than I do. //snip//


    Preaching to the choir, man. Preaching to the choir.....

    And Driftless--looks dang nice. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Random pics


    I think they are in the right spot, nice stuff feel free to show more.


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    Thanks guys I am very happy to live and play where I do!
    Frank, The cane rod is a 7" rod for a #3 line of nondescript origin. I have no Idea who put it together, nor do I know the taper. It is one of two cane rods I own. It's nothing too fancy, but it casts well and is a real joy to fish dries with. The other is a Gene Edwards for a #4 line. I generally fish cane when I fish Aldo Leopolds famous waters, mostly because I can be a bit of a sap about the whole mess.

    ---------- Post added at 03:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:55 PM ----------

    Frank, here are a couple shots of my Edwards cane.

    I see you are in Kansas city, Yes you do indeed have a lack of good water close to you. I lived in Merriam for a few years. After moving there I had a hard time finding moving water to fish. I have a great story that I'll share sometime about fishing carp with an SA rep in some stream just outside the metropolitan area. The water had a real odor to it, we caught fish, Jeff, the rep dropped his keys while battling a huge carp. They fell in the water and we had to call his wife to get us out of there as we couldn't recover the keys from the sludge! LOL!
    I have friends who come from KC a couple times a year to fish with me here.

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    so many beautiful pics

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    Nice water, fish and gear, Driftless. Thanks for sharing.

    As the others said, feel free to post more. I understand that both Wisconsin and Minnesota have an almost an inexhaustible supply of great fishing waters; both still and moving.

    I like the relaxed style of your first post. if you fish the same way, then I'm certain that you're having a great time every time you go out.

    Keep the pics coming!


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    Nice pics. What part of Wisconsin do you call home? My wife and I spent a few days at Lacrosse this summer. I didn't do any fishing, but it sure is a beautiful area.

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