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    Default Custom Sage Light Line Eddie Bauer Limited Edition?

    There must be someone out there who knows something about "Custom Sage, Eddie Bauer Limited Edition" Rods...???

    I recently purchased such a rod; a Light Line series GFL 111 590-3. I've seen similarly labeled rods on ebay but strangely found no info online. The Sage rep was unable to help me. The decal/silksceen on the rod is in the sage factory motif but says "Custom Sage". The model and series is hand scripted including a serial#, but no "B" for blank is designated...?

    Thanks for any info on its origin, fishability, and its possible value.
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    Default Re: Custon Sage Light Line Eddie Bauer Limited Edition?

    Give Sage a call. Sometimes a rep for one company was a rep for a different company last week. I bet if Sage had anything to do with it, they'll get back to you with a solid answer.

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