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    Is there a problem (strength, casting, etc.) if one adds new tippet to a leader with a loop-to-loop connection? It would seem that by cutting off the tippet of a new leader, tying perfection loops to each end and rejoining, one can then add new tippet without the necessity of a surgeon knot, blood knot, or any other knot which consumes part of the leader. Thanks for the responses. Gary in Fort Collins

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    the perfection loop is very close to 100% knot strength---if you tie an improved clinch knot (around 85-95%) on your fly---you should be able to break your fly off on a snag and not have to replace your tippet everytime---at least that my theory---lol

    with a little parctice you can use the pefection loop as a loop knot at your fly if you thread your fly in the 2nd loop and pass it through the first loop and adjust the size before it pulls up tight ---its quicker for me than the non slip mono loop
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    I use a loop on all my leaders and I have had no problems. I usually carry a couple leaders with me. One is mono and the other florocarbon. I can easily change leaders for what I need at the time. I sometimes carry longer ones also. I just re-read your post. my leader to tippet is a knot. My leader to line is a loop. I will make a bunch of leaders/ tippets and put them in my tackele bag. Then i can change them out as needed. never leave home without 2.

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    You could do that. Most of the time it won't present any problems. The times where it can be cumbersome is when there is algae or other aquatic vegetation to deal with as the pair of loops could act as a slime magnet more so than a more streamlined knot. The other consideration is when the loops affect your ability to get a drag free float with a dry fly.

    I've used loops for a tippet connection when streamer fishing in both freshwater and saltwater without any real problems. But for me, the time it takes to tie a perfection loop in the tippet is no quicker than tying a blood or surgeons knot.

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