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Thread: Deep waters?

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    Maybe you would be better off with a 9' rod, 6wt or more. A 6' is generally used on small streams, they are mostly rods 4wt and under with light line and small flies. Would help a lot if we knew the species and size of the fish in your area.

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    I am so sorry guys. Since we use meters instead of feet, i made a mistake. My rod is about 8.5 Feet long. I guess this is enough. There are no small streams near me, and there are no trouts in this area as well.

    Actually i am pretty messed up. I was so eager to learn fly fishing but in my country there are no people to do fly fishing. There are no appropriate streams for fly fishing. Streams are all covered with trees and they are so deep to get in the water. I can't find enough materials to tie flies. I can't find no body to teach me how to do fly fishing. I spent some 400-500 dollars for that and this was 5 months ago. Since than i had only 2-3 opportunities to try fly and i haven't fished anything with fly. I am getting really really mad... Why am i living in this damn country? I wan't to be in the USA and go fishing in all those uncorrupted lakes, rivers. Not in Turkey's shitful waters. I don't know why for God's sake i am telling you all these. I guess i am so badly out of patience right now. Sorry about that.

    I guess i will go to a lake and get in the water with my overall(i don't know if that's the right name). I will use some nymphs to catch some easy-to-catch coarse fish firstly. Hope that helps me learn some about fly fishing.

    TY .

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