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Thread: Trout in a pond

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    I have a gravel pit that is pretty close to my house and that is stocked with trout. I have all the gear I need including a float tube ect. I usually dont fish their until the bugs start hatching out in the summer because I mostly use dry flies or nymphs and streamers on rivers or in the middle of summer when the hatches are on. SD recently got a bunch of ice and snow and I was wondering if any of you had any tips on how to catch trout fly fishing in spring time when their are no bugs.

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    Stocked trout = white wooly bugger. At least if they are more recent stockers. Don't know why but it seems to work. Need to get it down to their depth. Even if they've been in for awhile I'd probably still use a streamer.
    - William

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    MIckey Finn

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    There is a 'pond' I have spent a lot of time on because it was easy access and super close. 'Pond' mean a dammed up stream. Dam was built way way back and this forced pool is pretty big and my reach 15' or more at its deepest points. It Get stocked with the usual mix rather regularly. It's in W. MA being feed by a free stoner, so the water can be a bit tannic and discolored.

    Coldest water:
    Herl body and black or purple buggers in the 12 range are good early.
    Sometimes it is better to go with micro buggers (tied on a 1X long wet/nymph hook)

    As the water warms, olive over brown and brown over olive seem better, then olive over yellow.

    What I have found is multi-hued buggers tied a bit sparse in mid-sizes tend to be more effective.

    Same with muddlers, darker, softer and not too big.

    Dark brown and herl buggy looking 'flymps' work well there too early season.

    Sometimes Bigger soft hackles work, like #10's and #12's (sightly weighted) with the collar tied back pretty tight to pretty much veil the body.

    Big thing is to get down there and don't hesitate to beef-up/ extend your leader with another 6'-8' of good stiff mono. Slow hand retrieves seem to work best for me,

    If you tie, try one of these weighted:

    (Also works with a bugger-style tail out of the dark grey fluff on the base of starling body feathers)
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    Thanks for the help!
    Carter Klatt
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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