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    Default Re: Heretical post here - beware

    The Most Important Water Column Positions to Fish Aquatic Insects, in order of effectiveness:

    1. Fly one to six inches above stream bottom.

    2. Fly moving upward (emerging) from bottom to surface.

    3. Fly resting just under the surface film.

    4. Fly resting on the surface film.

    5. Fly actively twitching or skittering over the surface film.

    From Dave Whitlock:"Water Entomology to Fly-Fish By" - Flyfishing & Tying Journal - ppgs. #.16 - #.21 - Winter 2013 experience as well - for INSECTS

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    Default Re: Heretical post here - beware

    I guess I am doing something wrong. I grease the hell out of my line and wipe the leader down with an alcohol pad. Then fish the nymph as it were a submerged dry fly, watching where the line/leader enters the water to detect strikes. Often, I am monkey-ing with leader length to adjust depth.

    Then again, I use a slightly-tensioned-dead-drift (like a little creature trying to fight through the current) as a second choice, or trad quartering down stream / swing.

    The high stick thing had never worked well for me, so I stopped trying it.

    I don't see nymphs as a special class of flies - to me there are just a different style of wet fly, not so different from trad wets, modern wets, soft hackles, or mirco streamers.
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    Default Re: Heretical post here - beware

    While I don't discourage others from fishing nymphs below an indicator, it's not the preferred method for myself. Now, if I can 'sight fish' a nymph to a feeding fish.....that's a whole 'nother story and it's game on!!

    If it takes fishing a nymph below an indicator to get a new fly fisher interested in the game, so be it.

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    Default Re: Heretical post here - beware

    i've been into czech style nymphing with long rods and heavy nymphs for a while now.
    i know it's not for everybody, but i enjoy it


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    Default Re: Heretical post here - beware

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    If I read correctly you ask, "Anyone else feel like this?"

    I do hope we can respect the question and not have the thread digress into a nymph vs. others debate.
    It would appear that not everyone took time to read through the various replies. This may be judged to be a bit preemptive on my part but I'm going to close the thread.

    I wish we could all simply look at a topic and choose whether or not we want to join into a discussion more in concurrence with the thread starter rather than to present our own positions.

    I don't believe the thread was meant to stir the pot. It reads like one persons personal preference and it ask a question. The question ask who agreed with him, not who disagreed with him.

    Once we start using bold & all uppercase font, (we all know what that represents I think), the next thing will be hard feelings possibly.


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