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recriger 04-22-2013 10:30 AM

If my wife had not....
So Saturday was my first time on the water this year. It was definately an experience. You fella's up north can stop with the rain dancing any time now:ranting3:

It brought to mind a memory: This past Christmas the family and I drove from Cincinnati to Kansas City to spend the holiday with my folks. My wife's present to me was a gift certificate to Cabela's. I love Cabela's.


Anyone who has any interest in guns has probably heard something about an ammo and supply shortage. So at Cabela's I had gone to the reloading section and got some powder and primers while she and my sister wandered elsewhere. When we met up again all I heard was "What is that!", "Oh hell no, we are not driving 9 hours with a 3yr old and gun powder in the car!!".

I have found that a little :bowdown: helps to avoid a bit of :stretcher

Sooo. I put the evil stuff back and wander into the Fly section. After a bit of browsing I decided to get a collapsible wading stick.

Back to Saturday: During my 4 hours near the water, I was only able to get in the water 5 times. It was a beautiful morning, but my favorite river had pulled a Mr. Hyde on me and was a disagreeable beast! It was at least 2ft, and more like 3ft deeper than my last trip. I couldn't put enough weight on the line to get it below the surface it was moving so fast.

As a nature hike it was a good day (except for the 9' stick I was carying and trying not to tangle in the trees). As for fishing, it was a learning experinece.


If my wife had not...thrown a wee bit of a fit?...I would probably have ended up washed somewhere into Kentucky before being able to get to the shore!!

It was still better than a day at work:icon_mrgr

littledavid123 04-22-2013 10:46 AM

Re: If my wife had not....
Hope you didn't break any man rules and let her know she was right???


recriger 04-22-2013 11:05 AM

Re: If my wife had not....
Didn't have to break any man rules...The lazy bums were still asleep when I got home!! (nearly 10:00)

Is that a lie by omission?:tongue:

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