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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    I don't 'Fight Fish' I catch them.

    Ehh...I guess I just prefer the give and take of the battle. I think that's one of the reasons why I like carp - it's a give and take battle that lasts more than a few seconds.

    There is of course some limitations on how much give and take is "too much"
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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    Quote Originally Posted by fredaevans View Post
    +1 to what MP just said. 'Horses for Courses' as the Brit's would say. A 10'' trout deserves a 3wt, a 30# King Salmon will take more than a bit of 'up-lining'
    Fred exactly my Sediments.
    I have Rods ranging from a 2wt up to a 9wt & I mainly use a 6wt The Light Rods are Fun to Fish.
    There's no way I'd use a 2,3 or 4 wt anywhere where I'm liable to catch large Fish as The 6wt does the job a lot better.

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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    When I first started I bought the 5wt mid flex for a small pond and loved it so much. Then I graduated to a big windy mountain lakes, so bought a 7wt that I could underline it with an 5wt line and overline it with an 8wt line. Then I bought an 8wt for almost everything.

    So yes, I am also trending up in weight with the 7wt used as a side kick for both the 5wt and 8wt.
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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    Lots of great opinions once again -- very cool.

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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ard
    I don't 'Fight Fish' I catch them.
    Good one, Ard!

    Brookfield, I think Ard may be using a little "poetic license" there. Judging from pictures, I seem to recall, of Ard holding Silver and King Salmon, I suspect he's gotten into a fish fight or two that may have slipped his mind. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    I"m with 5wt gets the most's deciding WHICH 5wt to take. The 7's see bass mostly, the 10 for decent salt and the 3's for brookies.

    There are several opinions on what rod for what species and such...I prefer to be outgunned by a fish a bit so it's more fun. Besides, the 5's and 7's are too much fun to cast.
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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    Seems to me that those who have responded all have more than just a few rods. Sure, if I had the choice between 5 or 6 rods of different weights, I would use the most appropriate one. In my situation and fishing conditions, a rod smaller than size 7 would be often frustrating. When fishing from a boat with a buddy who does not do any fly fishing, I have to compete against lures or baits that cause surface disturbance and force me to make long casts. I like to use rather large streamers (size 2) and out on a lake, the wind is often a problem.

    I don't have the budget to buy another fly rod, plus the reel and line. Sure, if I really needed to buy an outfit, I could but what I have now (7/8 weight) has filled the bill very nicely. The day I have a bit of extra cash for a new fly rod, I will definitely buy a 4 or 5 weight for the fun of it.

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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    this is a good read. I started off with a 5/6wt then got my 10ft 8wt for flinging bass bugs and larger flys. I actually like how my 6wt line casts on that 8wt rod better then the 8 wt line.. tho my 8wt is bass taper and that may be a factor. I like the larger rod for its wind beating ability and being 10ft, it gets over tall grass well enough. I just sold my cheap 6wt rod so untill I complete my Allen collection and get a 6 wt to use with my 6wt line, the long rod will have to do.

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    Default Re: Anyone trending upward in rod weight?

    90% of the time I fish a 9wt. The reason for this is 90% of the time I fish where the atlantics live. I have a 7wt and 5wt but they are for rare trout/bass trip usage.
    John L.

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    I'm still fairly new to fly fishing and I have never used an 8 weight, but I was surprised that my 6 wt can throw weighted clousers and such as easily as it does. I was thinking big flies would be a pain for the 6 and I'd wish I had gotten the 8 instead, but I was wrong. I may still get the 8 to throw even bigger flies and for steelhead eventually, but the 6 is getting the job done for me.

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