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nickj 04-29-2013 04:52 PM

Runoff...good news/bad news
It looks like my little local stream is going to have a serious runoff this year. The flows today are 1 1/2 times what they were yesterday, it's just started. Last year the snowpack was so deficient, and there were no spring snows, that the river almost died when summer came. The flow meters didn't even register some days. I don't think we lost many trout, if any, and the river had a voluntary no fishing closure. So that's the good news-healthy stream, healthy trout. The bad news- it's really high, dirty, and full of junk. I managed to catch one fish today, where a week ago I caught probably 40 one day. Caught lots of sticks today, too. So it's going to be raging for a while, Mother Nature will probably blow out a beaver dam or two, and generally rearrange everything. I guess that's good news, too.

fishngolf16 04-29-2013 04:59 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
I am not sure where you are but here in Colorado Springs, we are going to get into the mid 70s for two days then more spring snow and a low of 18. This Spring or should I say Winter is crazy this year. We may get some runoff in the next couple of days from the lower elevations but then back to snow and more snow pack. After that we are in the mid 50's or low 60s. I just hope summer comes in as scheduled.

nickj 04-29-2013 05:04 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
I'm in Pine, Jeffco. 80's tomorrow, then snow, then warm.. There's a flow meter for this stream up on Mt Evans, the headwaters. I saw it go high yesterday, figured I'd see what I did today.. No, please don't tell me to go to Deckers....

mcnerney 04-29-2013 05:14 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
Well I'm not complaining, this spring snow is a welcome sight indeed. With the low snow pack over the winter I was really worried that we were in for another terrible fire season, but with the spring snows we are almost up to a normal snow pack. Yahoo! I can live through the runoff, it will great fishing this summer!

Ard 04-29-2013 05:16 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
I liked that closing line Nick,

When I discovered Deckers and the little river from there up to the dam it was a lot different than the last time I drove up there. I'm thinking 1982 and there was no one there at the lower end. There were no parking lots and when you parked in the ditch and crossed the road there was a game trail that led around the end of the hill and then you made your way down to the water. The last time I was down was right after the Hayman Fire. I was amazed at the changes in the river bed pertaining to the silt and mineral deposits. it looked a good place to do some panning but I caught no fish. I did fish from the bridge down river because of the mob scene upriver...........

nickj 04-29-2013 05:44 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
Ha! Deckers is laughable. The flows are really low now,... I drive through there once or twice a week on my way down to Colorado Springs. Last Friday there were 5 guys standing around one hole by the road, almost like fishing in a rain barrel. It looked like opening day back east. I'd rather fish for brookies in a tiny melt up in the mountains, or just go for a hike. It's not what trout fishing means to me.

fishngolf16 04-29-2013 08:18 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
Nobody would tell you to go to Deckers. I do not even think anyone here is that cruel.

I spend the runoff with the kids on a couple of high mountain lakes with a fly and bubble set up. I may even take them up and do some Brookie fishing this year while the runoff keeps me off the Arkansas. I cannot wait to try out their new fly fishing gear.

bigfishcatcher 04-29-2013 11:22 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
The problem here is that there isn't much runoff:confused:
if this drought continues, most of the rivers and shallower lakes will be dry.:eek:

williamhj 04-29-2013 11:31 PM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
Took a walk on one of my favorite close to home creeks Saturday, it was flowing beautifully. Calling for more snow this week, compared to last year, hopefully better year for the rivers around here. Killed me not having a rod in hand.

norcoflyfisher 04-30-2013 10:28 AM

Re: Runoff...good news/bad news
The runoff from those last two big snowstorms the last couple weeks have turned the Poudre rather funky colored as well. Last time I really fished it was in the canyon in some of the sketchiest terrain in the lower canyon. Every step you took was like trying to find the bottom step of the stairs in the dark.:eek:

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