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    Default Flies and tackle in carry-on

    After reviewing TSA's website, rods, reels, flies, nippers, and hemostats under 7" appear to be allowed in a carry-on. A google search revealed some folks having problems carrying on tackle, but that was old information.

    So, anyone who travel lately with tackle in thier carry-on and did you have any issues?

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    Anyone carry on a nail knot tool?

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    Default Re: Flies and tackle in carry-on

    Usually I carry on a reel and tool bag and a fly bag ( rods go to baggage) . No problem but I get stopped every time for a bag search after it's xrayed. They shuffle threw the reels and tools and pick thru the fly boxes. Almost always very nice and most ask what fish do you catch and how does this work . Takes about 5 minutes and your off. The only time it took longer is when I put my prescriptions in the reel bag and a bottle opened up. The pills were nitros and they set the bomb detector off. The guy says it happens alot with that particular prescription. Oh and that new short blade rule nobody knows about it and they still confiscate knives on some flights . But generally it's pretty easy!
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    Default Re: Flies and tackle in carry-on

    Quote Originally Posted by browell7 View Post
    ... Anyone carry on a nail knot tool?
    You mean a 1/2 - 1/3 of a cocktail straw?
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    Default Re: Flies and tackle in carry-on

    Whatever the rules might say I don't bring flies on flights. I've never had trouble with a rod or reel, never even been stopped. Though I haven't had trouble with TSA I figure it takes one person ignorant of the rules to mess up a trip. Not worth it. I end up checking a bag anyways and fly boxes don't take up much room.
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    Default Re: Flies and tackle in carry-on

    Couple years back coming back from California, I had a few small panther martin lures. They flagged it and took me aside and said is there anything in here that we should know about? I thought about it and remembered the lures, and said yeah a couple fishing lures. They were making a pretty big deal about it. I said forget it and keep them and I was on my way.
    Things may have softened since then.
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