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    Default Redington Stuff..

    Do you guys use and like Redington equipment, waders and clothes?
    Your help on this is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    i have a shirt. got it at a fly tying expo as a tyer...nice shirt. light and cool in summer...

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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    Hey Rod,

    Redington clothing is ( or was ) where itís at, for both my wife and I. The cuts, at least in our sizes are more along the lines of lean / slim fit, which we prefer. Columbia is another one, that offers slimmer fits and tall - lean/slim sizing. Redington ( think tall sizes ).

    I have several of the now D/Cíd Redington Slough Creek Fleece Vests that get used for everything from an outer layer while cycling in winter, spring skiing, evening camp wear, around town and of course, while fishing. She wears their womenís flats pants and casting shirts and a couple of their other togs too. But again, Redington seems hell bent on discontinuing the only products that we made repeated purchases of. Bummer, becuase we're both ready to purchase again.

    Redington has been doing a bang up job out this way, getting their Sonic Pro Waders on to the bodís of most every fly shop guy and guide willing to don a pair. So far, they seem to be getting some strongly positive feedback.

    Thanks, TT

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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    I have the Redington Sonic-Pro jacket. It's really a good jacket.
    Lots of pockets. The zippers work well and are waterproof, as far as I can tell.
    You wouldn't want this on a hot day, but for cool rainy days, it's great.
    I wore it all winter fishing in NH and it kept me warm and dry the whole time.

    Men's Sonic-pro Jacket
    Today is always the first day of the rest of your life.
    Use it wisely.


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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    I recently got the Redington Crosswater waders because they did so well in the Yellowstone Angler 2013 Wader Shootout. They seem to be very nice for the price. And I already had a Redington Wading Jacket. I think if you are pinching a penny, they are a pretty good deal. Or even if you're not.

    I don't know if I would wear them for a long trip in the Alaskan bush, but they work pretty well for small Maryland rivers.

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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    I know Far Bank was recruiting a year or so ago and then announced the hiring of some very talented people with impressive resumes...

    Nice to see the investment(soft goods) pay off with what seems to be reasonable pricing and happy fly-fisherman!!

    I also have the Drift reel. Matched it with a 7' 2wt greys..LOVE the rod...not so much the reel. I use them for when i am doing some combat fishing in the GSMNP. My stuff gets pretty beat up sometimes...

    The C/P is not very smooth, to me there is a bit of a wobble. It just

    Hooked a small ladyfish the other night on it....that was a blast!!

    Would i buy another?...not at half the price.

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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    I have a Redington CT and Predator... Two great rods... I will probably own a couple more redington rods down the road

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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    i own a bunch of their clothing. seems to be top qual



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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    I have A Bow River Wading Jacket the only thing wrong it has too many Pockets otherwise I find it Excellent.
    I wouldn't hesitate in buying any of their other Gear.

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    Default Re: Redington Stuff..

    I have two Redington rods that I love - a 4wt CPS (wish they still made these) and a 6wt Predator (the older, brown pre-Sage version). More fish have found their way to hand via these two sticks than on the rest of my closet full of other rods combined.

    I just spent a week in the Baja recently with a new 9wt Link and was very impressed. I would certainly consider one when it came time to buy something in that size.

    No clothes or other gear, here, but wouldn't rule it out.


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