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    Question Best upgrade program

    Just wondering how many guys on here have used any fly fishing equipment upgrade programs, like Leland FFO or Fishwest, and which one is the best and why? I will be needing new waders sooner than later and have a rod and two reels to sell to help off set the cost.

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    Surprising there are quite a few who Run Upgrade Programs & like many others over The years I suppose I should have Sold some Rods & Reels however they are all still in The Corner & in The Cupboard.
    Then again last year I gave a Reel & A Fairly new Line to a Guy who came Fishing with us a Couple of times.

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    I don't know what happened I had two Postings The same so I Put these additions on.

    Leyland really Sell some nice second Hand Gear so do Trade n Stuff Bob Marriatt,Leyland & Others Auction your Gear.
    You might be better off selling it private as Ebay is now getting too expensive.

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    Your best bet is trying to sell your stuff on ebay or through the classifieds here and on other fishing forums... I'm sure LeLand and Fishwest will low ball you.. just because they are trying to resell the items you sell them

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    Selling on the classifieds of forums will get you more money...

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