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Thanks shotgunfly, great article! I think I'm going to give Orvis' Silve Sonics a try. Not ready to drop the $ on G3's or G4's yet, but I'm sure I'll end up with them eventually. If I came home with $500 or $600 waders, my wife would...you know.....

If you're just wading into this, your logic is sound. I can assure you my first pair of breathable waders were not $500 models. Quite the contrary. I bought Cabelas waders, then Orvis waders and had marginal success but they did keep me dry until they didn't. Until you become indoctrinated into this sport and feel this is something you really want to do - save the money initially. If it becomes your passion, as it has become mine, you may find you want to upgrade to a better boot - and I'm not saying you made a bad decision on the brand - I know nothing about them.

My wader history and how I got to Simms -

One trip I got to the stream in Pennsylvania after the 7 hour drive from Chicago, waded out, and got wet in my Orvis Guide Series waders. So I made a 3 hour round trip to the fly shop and picked up a pair of Simms G3's. That was in 2007. I still have them and they do not leak. After a couple years, there was a problem with the seam tape on the bootie, and I sent them back to Simms for free repair (they acknowledged that there was a problem with this tape and corrected it). I had a trip so I bought another pair of G3's while those were being repaired - with the corrected tape. That was in 2010 - I still have them and they're still performing. Sent them back to Simms at the one year mark and they did their one year inspection an fixed some pinholes that I didn't know existed. I rotate them when on trips now so one pair dries while I fish the other pair. I also bought a new pair of G4's when they were on close out before they upgraded the material. Those I use for Steelheading or when I know I'm going to be fishing in colder weather.

Will I buy another pair of G4's... no way. They're awesome, but the price for the new ones is at around $700, which I just can't justify even though I now spend most of my disposable income on fly fishing trips and gear. But I'll never buy another brand unless something drastic happens. Take care of them, wash them with the recommended detergents to keep fabric clean (this is fabric, after all, not plastic), dry them inside and out when done, and they will last longer. Mine have.