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    Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    If this guy thinks $12 is expensive for a pair of nippers... He better never find out able Able nippers... Probably have an aneurism

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  3. Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    Too funny. There is a fly fishing tax we are all paying. The problem
    Is we accept it and don't demand better longer lasting heirloom type pieces when we pay heirloom type prices. I do my best to not even go to Walmart or buy anything made in china. I wish we could go back in time to the type of quality manufacturing seen from the turn of the century until about the 70's. But until someone in the USA starts giving a ship and quits looking for a hand out nothing is going to get better. Us companies further the problem by try to make shareholders happy by pushing out costs and making supernormal profits all for short term gain. I buy things things once maintain them and keep them forever or try to at least.

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  5. Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    I have never understood this concept.

    Walmart hires many employees for extremely low wages so that it can work each of them 39 hours a week to do it at the cheapest, no benefit, level possible. Low labor costs and cheaper lower quality products is how they save you that nickel your *****ing about. While this is happening they are taking the employment market of your community and lowering average salaries and basically slowing the economy for the area. And then since someone who sees that they can save a dollar on a bottle of laundry soap they say well the other store has been ripping me off for years and quits going to that family run business that has been in your community for years, and it goes under.

    Now that the small family run store is out of business they had to go take this low paying Walmart job, if they have found any job at all, and now they can't afford the products or services that you sell for work.

    Congratulations you just shot yourself in the foot.

    I'm not a good writer or speaker so I hope that made sense and I got the point across. For me, I work hard for my money and I CHOOSE (great part about living here is you get to choose) to buy American made stuff. I'll pay ten times to get something that was made or sold by a local small business over something I can order from china. And I will pay another ten times for good customer service.

    My next set of nippers will be Abel's. Even if I had to save for three months just to buy nippers.

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    Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    As long as people are so willing to buy 'cheap', 'inexpensive quality' will continue to a very elusive thing. Every producer can produce cheap, quality and high quality products. End result is a cost equation of what they perceive as the price point where the target market with cease purchasing their product / profit needed to be made.

    I'm one of those people who will not buy something with a logo on it unless there is no available option.

    Simple 21st century fact: Cheap is cheap regardless of the country of origin. Quality costs, and quality with a proof mark (logo) cost more, and quality with a proof mark (logo) with a lot of market development and advertising and customer service cost proportionally more.
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  7. Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    Make sure not to put those nippers on an Orvis zinger. Those things suck and are probably made in china soon to be sold at Walmart in the officially licensed "green mountain" off brand of orvis. Sneaky bastar@$.

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    Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    Goodness gracious. Getting on my soap box now.

    It's a free country, thank goodness. When it's your money, you can choose to buy what ever where ever you want, as long as it is legal. When it's my money, allow me the privilege of doing the same.

    Folks love bashing Walmart but they provide inexpensive goods that increase the standard of living for the public they serve. The fact is that for every dollar that a family saves by shopping at Walmart, it is another dollar they can spend on food or books for their children. Walmart bashers never consider that fact, do they?

    I read an economic study some where that Walmart lowers the prices on consumer goods by about 5% on average. That lowers the overall inflation rate of the consumer price index. They put downward pressure on everyone. If you are a consumer, that is great news. But if you are a competitor, that is bad news.

    Here's a study that shows a new Walmart Supercenter forces other grocery stores to lower their prices. Before Walmart Supercenters that sell groceries, large grocery store used their pricing power to increase their % profit by over 50% over a 10 year period. Every consumer benefits when a Walmart opens, even if you don't shop at a Walmart.

    "Over the ten-year period from 1991 to 2001 margins increased in supermarkets as the price of food sold at supermarkets grew at approximately twice the rate of the Producer Price Index (PPI) for food. Over this period the PPI for finished food increased by 13.9 percent while the CPI for food at home increased by 27.7 percent. Profit margins for supermarkets also increased over the same time period, with Kroger’s operating profit margin growing from 3.3 percent to 4.7 percent and Safeway’s operating profit margin growing from 3.5 percent to 7.9 percent.

    Various studies have demonstrated that food items at WalMart are 8 to 27 percent lower priced than at the large supermarket chains, even after discounts for loyalty card and other special promotions are taken into account. After entry by Wal-Mart, conventional supermarkets typically decrease their prices (or do not increase them as much as in non-Wal-Mart markets) because of the increased competition."

    Folks, there is no free lunch. I would bet that the same folks that complain about Walmart also complain about the overall cost of living. Here's a news flash. The price you pay for goods is the cost of living. Competition is the American way.

    As the above economic study shows, without Walmart or a store like Walmart, life would be more expensive in the USA. To see the life without a Walmart, consider what is happening with air travel prices and service as there are fewer airlines. Now consider that prospect with something that is as basic as food and clothing.

    BTW, I did ace my economics class at Stanford. We cannot choose what we like about the free market (better and cheaper products) and then complain about the negative results that affect us personally. If they are competing within the law, it is their right to do so.

    Getting off my soap box now.


    "Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought"..........Szent-Gyorgy

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    Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    I know nothing about world economics. I just know my nippers sucked. I buy lots of stuff at Walmart,,food , clothes etc. But no more nippers. That's NOT saying I'm in the market for a pair of Abel's ! I did buy a pair of nippers at Sportman's Warehouse with a large thumb lever and love them things. I'm pretty sure, without looking, that they are Chinese too.

    Silver does have a point. Imagine if United Airlines made nippers ! Probably have us all scurrying for a pair of Abel's LOL
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    Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    nippers = fingernail clippers

    OP much of your post is a load of ****. Perhaps you are young or posted while over-imbibing or maybe both. Local fly shops are the way to go. I will gladly pay more at one of them so I can support the culture.

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    Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!


    You make several good points! You made the case without getting the PAFF site members too mad at you. LOL

    It seems to me that everytime a WalMart arrives in a new town, the rich business owners try to stop them while the working middle class can't wait to shop there!

    PS - I apologize to the "American Workers" ...... I didn't really mean they are all fat, stupid, and lazy! I was trying to make a point about labor cost? My Helios was made by a American Craftsman and I'll keep that rod for the rest of my life! ...... unless they move the operation offshore and make the same Helios for under $100?

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    Default Re: I'm so tired of getting ripped off!

    The problem is that buying anything SPECIFICALLY designed and labelled for fly fishing means it costs 5x more. Try shopping at your local craft store next time. Orvis sells small 4inch bricks of tying foam for about $2.50. I get printer paper sized sheets at the craft store by me for $.50 and they come in lots of colors. You can also get feathers and chenille there. Lots of other places have the same tools and materials we use for fly fishing but they aren't labelled for the sport so they are dirt cheap. For instance, check out this site for fly boxes. Nippers? You can grab them for super cheap at stores like CVS. If you get a regular toenail pair the file can even act as a hook hone.

    To summarize, listing something as "for fly fishing" dramatically increases its price. Go to your local craft and convenience stores and you can find lots of the same tools/materials for a fraction of the price because its for the general populous.

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