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Thread: Predator by NFO

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    I put a portable fish finder on my Scadden Outlaw Escape. I used a small piece of PVC with a couple rubber straps.

    Super light and super easy. I just slide the fish finder in the holder and push the start button...... and I can see the fish, depth and temp. A WalMart cheapo for $116! It takes six AA's and the batteries will last over 20 fishing trips.

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    That is great!
    I use the same sonar I have used for the past 8 years. A boat model adapted for any of my Pontoons. I use a rechargeable tiny 12V battery used for Alarms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanbiker View Post

    I have the challenger, but id like to add something a little smaller. I've been trying to decide between the escape and renegade. This sounds perfect! What is the price? (It's not on his web site yet...)

    The show price is $999. but that will stop real soon and it goes to $1,400.

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