Some of the starter kits are just tools and vise, no materials. I agree that you'd probably get materials you wouldn't use but that's not to say don't get a kit with tools and vise. What you want to watch out for is one that has poor quality tools.

I know there are people who have tied for decades on a simple, inexpensive vise but if the scissors don't cut well or cleanly, the bobbin has a rough tube that cuts your thread, etc you'll have a poor experience from the start. I don't think it is necessary to buy a kit, getting the stuff individually is easy to do, but if you go that route, the cheapest option may not be the best. I like Dr Slick scissors and if you get one pair, get the all purpose. I like bobbins with ceramic tubes.

I haven't purchased a kit so won't recommend a particular one, but hopefully someone who has will chime in. For materials I'd just pick a couple patterns to start with and buy the stuff you need to tie those flies. And ask more questions!