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Thread: Need some input

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    Hello, Everyone I need some input here. I fish for pike and musky and aslo saltwater and have larger rods and reels and my daughter who has been tying flies with me since she was five is now eight and really starting to show interest in fishing more with her flies so I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction to find out how much some of my stuff may be worth so i could sell it and pick out a nice set-up for her to use. Any suggestions on would also be helpful. She says she wants to fish more freswater trout so I would need a smaller kid friendly set up. Thank you everyone in advance and I hope I am not bothering anyone.

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    Easiest way for me tends to be Ebay and Google. Type in your specific equipment and see what you find.

    There tends to be quite a few helpful people around here so you can also list it here and ask what it might be worth - I am sure more than one eager beaver will do the leg work for you.

    If they do, be sure to add some rep points for their effort
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    I have a brand new never used Cortland Endurance lll that I bought as a back up reel any thoughts.

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    clean it all up, really really good, and then take some very nice detail photos of your stuff & put it on ebay. If you are worried about it going to cheap, put a starting price on it OR put a reserve on it. Don't list everything together, as I feel you'll get less total cash in the long run.


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