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    Default What would you go through to catch one trout?

    More car problems while I was out fishing. Does the fun ever end? This was the second time in a month that I had car trouble, this time it was only a flat. It sure ate up plenty of my fishing time… Only 2 hours to fish after changing the tire out. Managed one “giant” trout as a reward for all my trouble. Was able to scope out some new water while I was out. Any tips on fishing skinny creeks with brush lined banks in the heart of the summer?


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    Default Re: What would you go through to catch one trout?

    Blake: Nice photos and fish! Sorry to hear about the car troubles, but I can relate. A few weeks back I was out checking out some new water while the wife waited in the car. When I got back the battery was completely dead, luckily there was someone parked nearby that was able to give me a battery boost.
    I can't help with the skinny water, maybe Ard or someone else that fishes small streams can help.


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    Default Re: What would you go through to catch one trout?

    Hi Blake,

    That looks like a spring creek, is it? Wear Camo, try to stay out of the water, use polarized glasses and try to locate fish prior to casting so you know you are not lining them, take bug spray and be ready to run into a few snakes.

    Work up stream with your dries and if you have a short rod you're gonna love it on this creek. Buy or make the shortest tapered leaders you can get. If the place is not under great fishing pressure you may get by with 6X for a tip.

    Aim for rainy days because the disturbance on the water from the rain drops will help to hide you and your casts. If you discover some big fish then fish streamers quartered across and down on rainy mornings and again stay out of the water if at all possible. How's that for a starter kit? My mail box is always open if you need more,


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    Default Re: What would you go through to catch one trout?

    I agree with Ard, stay out of the water, I try too use the bushes and tall grass as much as I can too hide me most of your fishing will be on your knees, and back from the edge.

    Cast as little as possable (wait untill the line is strait down stream no false cast just flick it too where you want it too go) some people dont like this style of fishing its more stealth and paicience.

    I have found for me wets and nymphs work best but the waters I fish get a lot of angling presure (so the fish wont rise normaly). on one of them I also use streamers (day and night)

    One thing that helped me heaps was, pulling some of the weed out and putting it on a tray, shake it a bit and look on the tray (there will be some bugs) and sort through the weed you should find some cased caddis nymphs, with the caddis nymphs break each type open and take note the size and colour try the flies that are similar throught the year take note when they work.

    The bugs that fall out of the weed before and after you look for the caddis will also be useful to you, if you can identify them take note if not with a small plastic jar take one of each keep them seprate some are likely too eat the others (esp damsel fly and dragon fly nymphs some may flys too) there will be midge, mayfly and damsel fly nymphs and maybe more.

    there will also be some in the gravel and under stones worth looking at (they are harder too get).

    If you tie your own try and immitate what you find if not, you can find patterns that will do.

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    Short rod and short leader as mentioned. I use a 4wt or smaller for creeks. Stay low and remember to fish small. Many people assume you have to walk to the bank and cast to the other side which is so untrue. Start small, work all the water you can from one spot to avoid movement. Keep your casts to a minimum because the longer your fly is in the water and the less you disturb the greater your chances of catching fish are. Sounds stupid I know but often times patience is forgotten in search of a different fly or piece of water.
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    Default Re: What would you go through to catch one trout?

    Thanks everyone
    "When the river is high, the fish eat the ants; when the river is low, the ants eat the fish."

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    Default Re: What would you go through to catch one trout?

    Some experienced guys from our club just showed me another technique that they called "dabbing". We just used it during some meadow fishing Thurs. With about six to nine feet of leader/tippet hanging from your rod tip sneak up to holes in the brush/grass and dangle your fly into the water straight below your tip. You must keep the butt end of the rod higher than the tip or the weight of the line will pull your fly up. It worked great but my arm sure got tired from holding the rod at that angle.

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